MetroLand is a new endless runner from the developers of Subway Surfers, now globally available

Explore the next-gen endless runner!

KILOO, the developer studio that had created Subway Surfers has come up with a new game called MetroLand, which is now available on Android and iOS. MetroLand is an endless arcade runner game that will see energetic young individuals try to outrun the MegaCorp guards, who will never be seen to stop running.

Unlike Subway Surfers, where players could surf through subways of an ordinary city, this game features a futuristic and urban world that is unfortunately preoccupied with an evil tech corporation, MegaCorp.

Run and save the world from the evil deeds of MegaCorp

With the expansion of MegaCorp, it has achieved power used for evil deeds, and no one dares to stand against them, except the MetroLand’s protagonists. These are a group of young individuals who are on a mission to save their world. This has resulted and endless fights and chases between the youngsters and the MegaCorp guards. 

The world is in danger right now, and these young individuals must run across different cities around the globe to save the world. For now, MetroLand begins in Tokyo. More regions will also be introduced in the upcoming updates.

MetroLand is our take on the next generation of endless casual runners. We have taken everything we love about the genre and turned it up to 11. You can jump right in and play, even when you are offline. Whether you are looking to push yourself for hours or want a quick pick-up-and-play experience, MetroLand delivers fast-paced action and quality entertainment.” said Kristian Nordahl, the CEO of KILOO, talking about the game.

Kristian Nordahl, the CEO of KILOO

With one being able to survive and proceed further in the game, different rooftops and underground routes can be explored, routes that feature sci-fi shields and power gloves that will help beat the MegaCorp. Players can ride a hacked drone at their own risk, making it more interesting.

The game progression is essential since it unlocks new characters and a super cool hideout that the crew uses to plot against MegaCorp. Players can also go on idle missions like disrupting technology and hacking vaults for special rewards. MetroLand is now globally available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

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