Might & Magic: Chess Royale update brings Heroes to the Battlefield

Ubisoft today announced that it has added an entirely new and unique layer of strategy to its auto-battler, Might & Magic®: Chess Royale, in the form of Heroes that lead the players’ armies into battle. 14 iconic Heroes from the Might & Magic® universe have joined the fight, each introducing active and passive buffs to the units that serve under them. They can significantly influence the flow of any battle. With its signature quick-fire matches, the addition of this Might & Magic®: Chess Royale Heroes update means that players can now enjoy an additional level of depth on their path to victory.

All about the Heroes Update

Heroes are powerful leaders that introduce a groundbreaking feature into the auto-battler genre. Before combat commences, players can now create a team of three Heroes to rally their forces into battle. Each of these powerful leaders has a range of unique active and passive abilities as well as a battle power that can be deployed to turn the tide. Among the roster of Heroes is Catherine whose Seraph Unit can appear on the battlefield when her army’s health drops too low. There’s also Gelu, a Hero who shoots a devastating salvo of arrows into his unfortunate targets. Further adding to the game’s strategic depth, Might & Magic®: Chess Royale only allows one of a player’s Heroes to be active at any time; meaning that players cannot move to the next character until they have lost a battle.

might & magic chess royale
Heroes update in Chess Royale

While the addition of Heroes marks the most significant update to Might & Magic®: Chess Royale to date, the fast-paced strategic title has received regular balances and content additions since launch. These additions have included new Units such as the hulking, high-DPS Behemoth as well as new Synergies like the Colossus class that can provide massive health buffs to other combatants. A constant stream of updates including new units, cosmetic upgrades, Spells, Leagues, and other features ensure that the game’s meta stays fresh for players.

Might & Magic®: Chess Royale is available now for free on Uplay and the Epic Store for PC, on the App Store for iOS and Mac, and Google Play for Android devices. Players can unlock and upgrade all 14 of these Heroes via in-game chests, which are acquired through play or via in-game purchases.

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