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miHoYo is targeting a virtual world by 2030 and Genshin Impact is just the starting point

Great plans ahead for miHoYo!

There is a piece of huge news brewing up for the fans of the popular RPG Genshin Impact. The President of miHoYo, Cai Haoyu, outlined the company’s upward trend. The company plans to create a complete virtual world that could accommodate at least one billion people by the year 2030 for miHoYo.

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG that debuted in September 2020. The game earned a staggering $245 million in the first month of its launch propelling it up the grossing charts. Studies show that the mobile version is the one that is in the hot seat right now, owing to its ease of use and accessibility.

miHoYo plans to capitalize on its success with Genshin Impact

miHoYo virtual world 2030
miHoYo plans to capitalize on their recent success with Genshin Impact

Speaking at an online video conference conducted via Zoom, Cai Haoyu declared that the company was planning to launch new products every 3-4 years. This is just an attempt to capitalize on their recent success. Every new product would be an iteration of the previous version. He further emphasized that this Genshin Impact was merely a “prototype” for the company’s planned magnum opus. This is a virtual world similar to the ones seen in the movies “Ready Player One” or “The Matrix”.

miHoYo to open a Research and Development center soon

miHoYo virtual world 2030
miHoYo’s team has doubled up since 2014

The size of the team working at miHoYo has also doubled since 2014. With 2400 working on the miHoYo development roster, 700 of them dedicated to Genshin Impact alone. This combined with the massive success of Genshin Impact has encouraged the team to set up plans to open a Research and Development center in North America. This will be extending their base of operations. Cai also remarked that the company was keen on putting more effort into Artificial Intelligence-related research. This is being done so as to deliver top-notch content that meets the needs of the user.

Are you excited about miHoYo targeting for the complete virtual world by 2030? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Wow… This is huge. Companies these days are targeting so many things. So nice to see that.


I hope they can follow through on their ambition


Sao fans be like nope


na man I be like hell yes


Just hope they don’t forget the logout button


bet it’s not entirely full dive. like some safety mechanism.


If they want us to get stuck like sao atleast they add like a reborn system like when u die in the game u respawn except u loose everything even ur levels and they might add a revival gem or sumthin that can revive us but pls mihoy dont forget to add the logout button pls


I shall Die 😂 LOL

mad ERA

i hope they don’t put the log out button

Kayaba Akihiko

We’re now on the process of the development of VR Gear for this game software. Good luck, players.


Noo, Kayaba


Sao fan know what it means but still don’t care and want to go there


Sao fan be like hell yes no logout button Well lets clear the game


Does that virtual world meaning. That it will on vr only? Or like genshin? Whats gonna happen to genshin afterwards


Damn i would be like 27 years old by the end of 2030, old man


Sameee, I was like “cool, can’t wait to play it on 2030” and then I realized I would be like 27-28 💀💀. I’d definitely still play it tho hahaha


My thoughts exactly lol. I would also be 26/27 by 2030 too. If genshin follows through with it (and hopefully don’t get delayed too much) a VR would be sick. They could be leadinf the future of gaming.


I was like awesome, then I realized I would be 47 but still hyped.


Genshin Impact already is quite similar in style, theme and music to the .hack// series. This VR I believe would be a lot like that

Tousif Hasan Biswas

Lets wait and see. 🙂


I think this is not full Dive 😑


How MHY is going right now, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. It’s still a great idea that they should push to.


If does work can I be a beta tester?


I hope the give use some skills as to create in-game characters like npc for ourselves


if this does happen id want to be a beta tester tbh

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