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Genshin Impact reaches $245 million as it’s first-month revenue, making it one of the fastest grossing mobile game launches

Yet another milestone

Genshin Impact by miHoyo launched to great praise by media outlets and fans alike in late September and as reported by Sensor Tower the sales estimates have been shown to be as much as $245 million in the game’s first-month revenue.

The game has been breaking records since it’s launch week

You’d have assumed spending numbers of players to have gone down due to the global pandemic. But that didn’t stop users from spending their hard-earned money trying to obtain their favorite characters from the new title. It’s reported that in the game’s first week they had $60million in earnings and were labeled No.2 top Grossing mobile game. If you take its first week’s numbers into account it hasn’t slowed down at all, averaging $60million for the past 4 weeks.

Image via miHoYo

Even now, the profits for Genshin haven’t slowed and it stays above many regular hits on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Many of these games such as Pokemon Go have previously lauded titles such as No.1 Grossing game in the world. This just serves to show how popular and successful this game really is. If it’s able to top Nintendo in Pokemon Go and Tencent’s Honor of Kings, then who’s to say it can’t even go higher.

Genshin Impact is no short of a Global Phenomenon

This game is more than just a hit in one particular region, but a craze that has afflicted gamers all over the world. The largest player market for mobile games has always been China and it’s no different for Genshin Impact where Chinese players have spent more than $82million (33% of the total earnings). The second region in terms of player spending in Japan with around $59million (24% of total earnings), and finally the U.S comes in with close to $45million (18% of total earnings). As you can see from the numbers most Gacha spending ends up coming from the Asian markets, these spending discrepancies are always similar in most Gacha.

Genshin Impact first month revenue

This spending breakdown is important to notice, even though the game made the most money globally it still managed to be beaten in respective markets. In China’s App Store it was ranked No. 3, while in Japan the title ranked No. 4, while in the U.S it ranked No. 5. Suffice to say, Genshin Impact has great potential for growth after an astonishing start with their first-month revenue

First, we have to wait for the games next update in November, depending on how well that goes we will really be able to see how much money this game can make. Gachas usually gain a large surplus of player spending whenever new content comes out as the players are all vying for a certain character. If the game continues to gross at this rate and restrictions on countries levy, we can see the game making $1.2Billion by this time next year.

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