Minecraft player recreates Gotham City, the iconic city from the Batman franchise

The build looks like a really beautiful recreation of the fictitious world!

Minecraft has hosted a whole bunch of awesome-looking fan-made builds and is a great tool for recreating real-life locations. In the build we’re seeing today, a Minecraft player has managed to build a lot of really prominent locations from the fictional Gotham City in the game. 

The player has recreated the entire Gotham City in the game 

illRaptorli_DC, a Reddit user and from the looks of it, a really big Batman fan has been sharing pictures of his work on this particular project for more than 6 months. He has managed to build up massive and really impressive structures like Wayne Manor, Arkham Batcave, and now, Chinatown from Bleake Island

Like all of the Gotham City location builds, this one too is large and the effort put into it is visible with quite a few people who saw the post saying they didn’t even realize they were looking at a Minecraft build. While a part of the beautiful looks come from a really good shader, a project like this requires a lot of precise and detailed planning and hundreds and thousands of hours, with the final project looking awesome. 

Image via u/iIRaptorIi_DC, Reddit

Now for those who want to explore this build, the whole thing isn’t available to download right now, unfortunately. However, a few individual builds can be downloaded, although they might not be perfect on the Bedrock versions that run on mobile. If you still want to explore the build, Wayne Manor from Arkham Knight and Batcave and Wayne Manor from Arkham Origins are available.

What are your thoughts about the Gotham City location builds in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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