MiniaWars, a new strategy and action title by SmartFinger Studios is set to release on Android and iOS

Unveil chaos with MiniaWars!

MiniaWars is a new action strategy multiplayer title brought to you by SmartFinger Studios. The developers have been working on the game for quite some time now and are targeting a release in early 2024. The game, MiniaWars is all but set to get a release on both Android and iOS alongside PC and the Nintendo Switch.

MiniaWars aims to deliver a great multiplayer gaming experience coupled with unique game modes

The game, MiniaWars aims to deliver a classic multiplayer gaming experience like the famous title Counter-Strike provided for many years across various platforms, Despite the game being a third-person shooter the aim will be to replicate the success of the famous title in the genre.

The title will allow players to have a similar fun experience where there will be four unique game modes each having its own maps and unique strategies required to succeed. There will be Treasure Mode, 5v5 Mode, Battle Royale Mode, and a Bank Heist Mode where the team with the most money stolen from the bank wins.

MiniaWars release, MiniaWars
Image via SmartFinger Studios

The game will also feature an extensive lineup of customization items with players having a wide range of 300 character skins to personalize their looks. The game will also have an in-depth weapon customization system which would allow the players to work on their guns and make sure that they have the most unique weapon on the battlefield, The game will offer a whopping 4,000 weapon skins which would surely allow players to stand out in the crowd.

MiniaWars is going to be all about fun and gaming with friends, The game will definitely aim to deliver a gaming experience as close to other hit multiplayer gaming titles in the genre with all the different game modes and gunplay. There is no official confirmation from the developers regarding the release date for the game, however as mentioned before in the article, it can be expected to be released in early 2024.

Interested players and fans of the game can access and register for the game via the official website for both Android and iOS.

What are your thoughts on MiniaWars all but set for an official release on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below!

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