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MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond celebrates its 1st anniversary with the “Divine Dragon’s Feast” event

Enjoy exciting events and win rewards!

Wemade is hosting the Divine Dragon’s Feast event to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the official launch of MIR M Vanguard and Vagabond. During this event, players have the opportunity to receive gifts, including the Divine Dragon’s Scroll, enabling them to make additional attempts to obtain Avatars and Companions of Treasure grade and above through Combine.

Various crafting events are also organized, featuring items like the Epic Armor Scroll and the Superior Avatar Summoning Ticket. Additionally, a total of nine new Companions have been introduced, providing bonuses such as increased accuracy, HP, and more when equipped.

MIR M players can rejoice with ‘Combine Retry’ and ‘Gear Restoration’ scrolls during the 1st-anniversary events

During the ongoing Divine Dragon’s Scroll event in MIR M, which extends until Tuesday, February 20, participants are granted Combine Retry Scroll and Gear Restoration Scroll through check-in events. Within this event timeframe, players have the opportunity to make additional attempts at combining to acquire Avatars and Companions of Treasure grade and higher by utilizing the Combine Retry Scroll. Additionally, they can use the Gear Restoration Scroll to recover damaged gear.

Simultaneously, the event Operation Monster Dungeon Raid II is introduced. Players have the option to summon Boss Monsters using the Boss Demonic Stone acquired from Sealed Tower, Phantasmic Mystic Realm, and Forsaken Tower. By defeating these summoned Boss Monsters, players earn Monster’s Token II, which can be employed for crafting items like the Relic Grade New Skill Tome Selection Chest and the Epic Armor Scroll.

MIR M introduces 9 new companions and enhances gameplay experience

Participants in the event Nachal’s Secret Feast have the opportunity to engage until Tuesday, February 6. Characters at level 40 and above have the chance to acquire the First Anniversary Token by defeating monsters that appear in the event dungeon. This token is versatile, allowing players to craft it into a variety of items, including the Superior Avatar Summoning Ticket and codex items that enhance accuracy, evasion, and other statistics.

MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond available, MIR M Evil Devouring Fiend Moosang
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Furthermore, new and returning players can explore the event titled New and Returning Dragonians Are Always Welcome. Two check-in events are also available, offering generous item rewards such as the Growth Draught upon logging in. MIR M has introduced a total of 9 new Companions, ranging from Relic to Epic and Divine Creature grades. Players can experience boosted stats like accuracy, HP, and defense by summoning and equipping these Companions.

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