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MIRAGE: A new staking game based on MIR4 is set to release soon

Enter into the ‘Age of Conquest’ with the Multiverse of MIR4!

WeMade, the creator of free-to-play MMORPG MIR4, has announced the release of a new staking game named MIRAGE: Multiverse of MIR4. Players will enlist their character NFTs from MIR4 and mine for Darksteel and Septaria. Similar to the name, MIRAGE is set in a parallel universe where the characters of MIR4 exist. But, both worlds are connected through XDraco, which creates an ecosystem to exchange items collected by playing.

The initial battle is named “The Hidden Valley Capture”. WeMade shared a promo video of the stacking game. The game has already experienced the ‘Age of Exploration’ through MIR4 where amazing stories have been unraveled. Now, they enter into the ‘Age of Conquest’, conquering enemies in the new world.

The Hidden Valley Capture: Character NFT’s can be enlisted to Bicheon, Snake Pit and Redmoon Hidden Valleys

The hidden valley capture is a four-week battle, where each hidden valley has two harvest times scheduled. Players can participate in Hidden Valley Capture by enlisting their character NFTs into Bicheon, Snake Pit, and Redmoon through the use of vigour.

The aim is to collect as much as Darksteel as possible. The whole act requires strategic moves including positioning and enlisting character NFT. Any MIR4 character with level 60 or above along with the ability to score 100,000 or more can be transferred into an NFT.

Hidden Valley Capture: How does it work in Mirage

Players can stake a fixed number of character NFTs, during each Hidden Valley. Once it is full, others will try to defeat the weakest character NFT. A successful attack will remove the defeated NFT character and replace the node with the winning one. However, the wounded character will heal over the course of time or by spending vigor.

Based on the number of characters a player has stacked, they will receive additional party bonuses. Players will need a WEMIX Wallet account and enlisted character NFTs to enter the Hidden Valley Capture. More details have been shared via this video by WeMade.

What are your thoughts on the new NFT-based game of MIR4, Mirage, set to release? Let us know in the comments below!

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