MLBB x Star Wars event: How to get special skins, battle effects, and more

The Force is nearly upon us

Starting from 10th July, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and the Star Wars collaboration event is now here with exclusive Star Wars Cyclops and Dart Vader skins. Players in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, East Timor, and Japan can participate in a draw event to win Epic limited skins and other rewards.

There will also be challenges for token exchange and rewards of Star Wars-themed like emotes, borders, and spawn effects. From July 17 this event will include bonus tasks that will grant players more than 10 tokens.

How to get Star Wars battle effects in Mobile Legends

As the Star Wars event goes live at 8 AM GMT on Sunday, various tasks will be made available to the players for a shot at claiming limited-time Star Wars battle effects. This includes a Star Wars avatar border, a Darth Vader emote, a Star Wars kill notification, and a Star Wars spawn effect. The tasks available are as follows:

  • Login to the game (1 Shard)
  • Play a match (1 Shard)
  • Win 1 Ranked match (1 Shard)
  • Win 2 Ranked matches (2 Shards)
  • Complete 1 Classic/Ranked/Brawl match with friends (2 Shards)
  • Recharge 50 Diamonds in total (2 Shards)
  • Recharge 250 Diamonds in total (5 Shards)
  • Recharge 500 Diamonds in total (4 Shards)
  • Spend 100 Diamonds in total (2 Shards)
  • Spend 225 Diamonds in total (3 Shards)
  • Spend 500 Diamonds in total (5 Shards)
MLLB x Star Wars battle effects July 10
MLBB x Star Wars battle effects

As for the exchange, the following rewards can be exchanged:

  • Small emblem chest (1 Shard) up to 120
  • Star Wars border (8 Shards) up to 1
  • Star Wars emote (4 Shards) up to 1
  • Star Wars kill notification (8 Shards) up to 1
  • Star Wars Spawn effect (8 Shards) up to 1

As of now, there is no confirmed news that the event will be refreshed, so F2P players can redeem a total of 7 Shards

MLBB x Star Wars draw event details

MLLB x Star Wars draw event
MLBB x Star Wars draw event details

As for the main draw event, players can expect to draw tons of skins, ranging from special to Epic Limited skins. The cost of 1 draw is 100 Diamonds, and 10 draws is 1000 Diamonds. There is a 30% off discount for the 1st 10 draws, so it will cost 700 coins. Each 10x draw will guarantee the player a special skin or better. In addition, each draw will reward the player with 5-20 coins. These coins can also be used to exchange for more skins. The Star Wars skins of Cyclops and Darth Vader can be obtained either by getting them from the draw or by exchanging using coins; each will cost 700 coins. Some Epic Skins are available as well for 400 coins, and a few special skins for 150 coins.

How to get guaranteed special skin from Mobile Legends Stars Wars event

As with all MLBB draw events, players can draw a few times in the event by completing certain tasks. There are a total of 16 Galactic tickets that players can claim with the draw event and the recharge event. The tasks and rewards are as follows:

  • Pre-order Chest (1 Ticket)
  • Login game (1 Ticket)
  • Recharge 50 Diamonds in total (3 Tickets)
  • Recharge 100 Diamonds in total (2 Tickets)
  • Recharge 250 Diamonds in total (2 Tickets)
  • Spend 100 Diamonds in the MLBB x Star Wars event (2 Tickets)
  • Spend 250 Diamonds in the MLBB x Star Wars event (2 Tickets)
  • Recharge 300 Diamonds from July 16 to July 23 (2 Tickets)
  • Recharge 500 Diamonds from July 31 to August 8 (1 Ticket)

For players who are looking to get the most value out of their money are in for an optimal strategy to get the most skins and coins. The total cost of this strategy will be recharging 500 Diamonds from July 17 to July 23. Since the Galactic ticket event will only be available starting on July 17 be sure to recharge the Diamonds after the event goes live. With the 500 Diamonds recharge, spend them to draw 5 times in the event. This will complete all the recharge and tasks in the event and grant you 2 Tickets from the recharge event.

In total, there will be a total of 15 Tickets from the event and 5 additional draws using the Diamonds for a total of 20 spins. 20 spins in the event will guarantee at least 2 special Skins and at least 100 coins. If luck favors, the players can have more coins to exchange for another special skin, and may even draw an Epic skin as well.

Are you excited about the Mobile Legends x Star Wars collaboration event? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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