Mobile Legends Diamonds recharge event: How to win free rewards

Recharge and win awesome rewards!

Popular action and MOBA game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is now also giving players the opportunity to win rewards as well as limited skins in this upcoming event of the MLBB community. Mobile Legends Diamonds Recharge Event is a one-month event starting from the 8th of July, 2021 till the 8th of August, 2021. This event has 4 parts that the players need to complete to win an extra permanent elite skin of their choice.

How to get free rewards

Share to get rewards

The first part of the event is inviting 3 friends to assist them in the Mobile Legends Diamonds recharge event to receive a trial card for a S.T.U.N skin or either Selena, Chou or Brody of the player’s choice. A player may assist up to 2 friends in the entire event.

Mobile Legends recharge event ,

Earn extra diamonds in the first recharge

During the event, players who recharge 50 or more Diamonds for the first time will receive an additional 50 Diamonds in their mailbox. As mentioned above, the recharged diamonds must come from a specified channel available in their respective country. The initial diamond amount must be equal to or more than 50 to be eligible for the additional diamond reward.

Recharge more to win more

Another part of the event is also receiving additional rewards. Players can recharge up to 500 diamonds to win these rewards listed below.

  • July 8th – July 15th: Recharge 100 diamonds to get 1 Magic Wheel Potion S
  • July 16th – July 23th: Recharge 300 diamonds to get 2 Galactic Tickets
  • July 24th – July 30th: Recharge 250 diamonds to get 2 Magic Wheel Potion S
  • July 31th – August 8th: Recharge 500 diamonds to get 1 Galactic Ticket

If players complete all 4 parts of the tasks above, they can also win an extra permanent elite skin of their choice, either Wanwan Shoujo Commander, Cecilion Illusionist, or Atlas Fuel Turbine.

Authorized Channels to recharge diamonds in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Diamonds recharge event has listed out some authorized channels that players can use to participate for each country. Aside from the specified channels, diamond recharges from other channels will not be counted towards the reward pool at all. This also goes for bonus Diamonds that are packaged along with the original Diamond prices. Common official services like CodaShop, Grabpay, and Visa can be used to purchase the Diamonds during this event. The prices and channels may vary for each country for this event.

Channels for Mobile legends recharge event,
Channels available for Mobile legends recharge event!

Bulk Recharge to get a epic limited skin

Lastly, players may recharge a total of 15,000 Diamonds during the whole event and become eligible to choose an epic limited skin of either Guinevere Lady Crane or Hayabusa Shadow of Obscurity. These two skins are limited-time events and this is one of the ways players can get them outside of other skin events like Party Box or KOF.

What are your thoughts on the Mobile Legends Diamonds recharge event starting in July? Let us know in the comments below.

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