Mobile Legends announces three new techniques to optimize the Ranked system

Optimizations to be implemented in-game soon!

MOONTON GAMES is planning to carry out additional optimization approaches for Star-raising Points and Star-Protection Points for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In a recent tweet from the official Twitter page of Mobile Legends, the developers announced their plans into making the ranked system of the game more balanced and fair for the players with additional optimization.

MOONTON added three approaches that would help with the Rank system

Dear player, to uphold fairness of the battlefield, we are carrying out 3 optimization approaches for Star-Raising Points and Star-Protection Points:

  1. Higher Star-Raising Points and Star-Protection Points for enough Team contribution made (assist, heal, damage taken, etc.);
  2. Higher Star-Raising Points and Star-Protection Points for role filler(s) once certain conditions are met;
  3. Higher Star-Protection Points for MVP of the defeated team with extraordinary KDA.

We can see in the announcement that Mobile Legends is now tending to people that are team players. Especially in the first and second approaches. It merits the players for helping the team without the stats that usually takes the highlight like kills and gold advantages

The third approach rewards players that have been unlucky in the ranked matchmaking of the game. Because it gives higher Star-Protection points for players that did exceedingly well despite losing against the enemy in a team game.

Players have expressed mixed opinions about the ranked system optimization

Players have mixed emotions about the patch. Some replied that the patch was a good thing and commended the developers. While some liked the idea of the patch but wanted the developers to fix the matchmaking system instead.

The MOBA genre has shaped the mobile gaming landscape ever since the release of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Players from different regions of the world had come and partake in the game with a genre that seems impossible to replicate on the phone.

Mobile Legends ranked system optimization
Image via Twitter

We’ll get to see how these balance changes coming soon will affect the ranked climb of the Mobile Legends Ranked ladder. The players should wait and see how it plays out and what future updates MOONTON Games have in store for the betterment of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and the satisfaction of the loyal player base it has.

What are your thoughts on Mobile Legends’ three techniques for ranked system optimization? Let us know in the comments below!

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