Mobile Legends: How to get a free skin from “The Aspirants” web event

Follow these instruction to get you a new skin for absolutely free!

There is a free skin event named The Aspirants for the upcoming skin line in Mobile Legends, the ASPIRANTS skins Series. One can get permanent skin for free, just by completing simple tasks. This skin line was teased earlier in the past by an Instagram user. We will share how players can get one of these free skins easily. The event started on the 16th of January, 2022 and it will last till the 24th of January, 2022.

Mobile Legends: How to access the Aspirants web event

Mobile Legends Aspirants event
Image via Moonton

It is a browser or a web event. It can be accessed by going to the Event page, followed by “The Aspirants” event page. They must tap on the “FREE SKINS” followed by “Go”. It will be redirected to the event from the browser. 

Mobile Legends: How to get the free skin from the Aspirants skin line

Mobile Legends Aspirants event
Select Layla or Fanny as your Combat character (Image via Moonton)

Players can skip the introduction. They will be asked to select either “Fanny” or “Layla” as their combat captain. The rewards will be different based on the selection. Selecting Fanny will give Fanny’s “Lifeguard” skin after completing certain tasks whereas, selecting Layla will give Beatrix’s “Blitz Attack” skin

How to complete tasks

From the main page, players must go to “Combat resources”. There are different tasks on this page. Completing tasks will give different numbers of random resources. The easier tasks are Logging in to the game, Sharing the event, which is one time in a day. Players must also watch The Aspirants OP trailer and new hero Yin’s Cinematic on YouTube. Lastly, they must share the event link with other players.

Mobile Legends Aspirants event
Image via Moonton

Players will get combat recourses in case, any other player joins the event by the shared link. There is no limit on how many players can join the event with that link, but a player can be invited only once. This means you can get more combat resources by asking for help from other players or from your friends. The more players log in with the shared link, the higher the chance to get the skin faster.

There are other tasks that will help a lot, to earn these badges. Like inviting a player who has not logged in to the game in the last 30 days and inviting a new player. Players can use their old or any smurf account to complete the task. 

Collecting Badges 

After claiming enough combat resources, players must go to the “Combat Drill” option and start a “Solo combat”. Players will get a random reward and one recognition badge. Amity badges can be collected from “Co-Op combat” After collecting all five Amity badges, players can claim their permanent skin for free.

Recognition or Amity badge in the Aspirants event (Image via Moonton)

Three Recognition badges will turn into a half Amity badge. It will take 30 solo combat victories to get all Amity badges without getting help from other players or friends.

Aspirants event in Mobile Legends: How to claim free rewards

Free rewards will be sent to players in the game mailbox. It is easily claimable. 

Mobile Legends Aspirants event
Image via Moonton

Requesting or Gifting combat kits 

Players also can request combat kits from other players to get the badges faster. They need to share the link from the request option. There is an option to help other players too.

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