Mobile Legends: 3 Reasons why you will love Baxia’s ‘Ba-Tender’ Skin

A more classic take on the Mystic Tortoise

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has recently announced a new skin for Baxia named the Ba-Tender. The skin for the Mystic Tortoise has been revealed and is rumored to drop around the 3rd week of May 2021. Baxia is a hero with passive anti-regen abilities that make him a good counter pick in this heal-dependent, dual-support meta. Being his first Special skin, Baxia mains are surely in for a treat this time around. 

Three reasons why players will love Baxia’s Ba-Tender Skin

1. Dart around the map in style

Pun definitely intended. This newest Baxia skin features his shields as dartboards, reminiscent of the luxury activity in most bars and pubs. Using Shield Unity with the Ba-tender skin is especially entertaining, as you get to whiz around the battlefield in a large dartboard shaped wheel. This skin is sure to intimidate your enemies when they see a giant dartboard rushing straight at them with Shield of Spirit!

2. Get your opponents feeling blue

As opposed to the warm reds and oranges from Baxia’s default skin and Badass Roller skin, Ba-tender adds a cool tone to his skills. With Shield Unity, a blue aura will surround the bottom of Baxia as he rushes to stun anyone he crashes, and Tortoise’s Puissance results in a blue trail behind Baxia when cast. This unique skin will definitely peak a lot of interest and attention in the game!

3. Good return on investment

While not everyone fancies playing Baxia every day, there is no doubt that he will always be a solid pick in Ranked mode in each ranked game. Especially for Baxia mains, purchasing the skin is worth the price because Baxia is a strong hero overall, with a good balance of Crowd Control, anti-regen, continuous damage, and survivability. In addition, Baxia is rarely banned, if ever, in Ranked games so players are free to show off the skin any time in the game. Be sure that if you decide to pick this skin up, purchase it within the 1st week of release, where there will always be a special bundle with Baxia and a 30% discount off the skin. So suit up your Baxia with a suit and tie, grab some oversized dartboards, and go out and win some games!

What is your opinion the new Mobile Legends Baxia new Ba-Tender skin? Let us know in the comment section below!

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