Mobile Legends is looking for moderators for the NA region

New openings for the MLBB NA Official Management Team!

The recent upsurge of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in the North America (NA) region has sparked the growth of the MLBB fanbase, and with it comes an imminent need for moderators. This growth has been sustained by the acquisition of Moonton by Bytedance, as well as the recent NACC 2021 tournament. To properly support the spurt of new players, Mobile Legends is looking for a few moderators to join the MLBB NA Official Management Team as Discord Moderator, Tournament Moderator, and Design Moderator. Here, the requirements and application for each are detailed so interested parties can opt to join them. 

How to become a Discord moderator for Mobile Legends NA region

As an MLBB NA Discord Moderator, applicants must be from the North American region (USA or Canada). They must be 18 years old or above and fluent in English. They are only looking for NA members for now, but we’ll know let you know in case of positions open up in more saturated regions like Southeast Asia or South America. In addition, applicants must have a basic knowledge about Discord and bots which are commonly used. They should have an account that was created 6 months prior with a good reputation and high activity in the server.

Mobile Legends moderators NA region
Discord is the easiest way to chat for gamers!

Experience in managing a Discord server is not compulsory but will definitely increase the chances of getting selected. Other general requirements are that applicants must be highly adaptable, work well in a team, have a pleasing personality and patient. Moderators will likely need to be actively moderating the server about 2 hours a day, and have general knowledge about the game to help with simple troubleshooting. Additionally, moderators should know about Google Sheets/Docs.

Tournament Moderator

Mobile Legends moderators NA region
Sample tournament bracket

Similarly as stated above, applicants for Tournament Moderator must be from the NA region. Applicants should be 18 years or older and fluent in English. They will be provided with a hands-on exercise for the entirety of any event and tournament to make sure that it runs smoothly. Moderators shouldn’t be biased and have attention to detail. They will also need to be able to work under pressure, make critical decisions, work with a team and delegate tasks. Planning ahead of time is necessary too, as it ensures that events will run as scheduled. Additionally, they should be able to relay information accurately to multiple people. Applicants should also be familiar with Google Docs/Sheets functionalities and know multiple tournament bracket types. 

Design Moderator

Design Moderators are also required to be from the NA region. Applicants should be 18 years or older and fluent in English. They are mostly in charge of visual communications and creating designs that cater to client needs. This will require good proficiency with multiple image-editing software. Communication with the clients should be good, for interpreting their needs correctly. Generally, Design Moderators are also needed to have sound project management. They should be updated and informed of current and trending aesthetics. With a good ability to target visual communications to a certain demographic, they should have a design portfolio ready for demonstration. The ability to integrate visual messages across multiple social platforms is necessary too.

Rewards and compensation for the MLBB moderator

Rest assured, MLBB players who do end up being selected to join the NA MLBB Management Team will be compensated for their work. As mentioned in the tweet, Moonton will be awarding extra Diamonds and a mod-specific avatar border for those who are a part of the team. More details will be available for the accepted personnel. 

These are all the positions open for MLBB players in the NA region for now. If there is a vacancy for positions in other regions, we will keep you updated with the latest information and news.

What are your thoughts on Mobile Legends looking for moderators for the NA region? Are you looking forward to send in your application? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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