Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.52 Update: Hero Adjustments, System Adjustments and more

Developers have brought in additional Hero and System adjustments!

With the onset of the newest Patch 1.7.52 Update in the Advanced Server of Mobile Legends, Revamped Minsitthar will undergo some more changes, since the Revamped changes in the Patch 1.7.48 Update. Alongside the Revamped Minsitthar, some more Hero Adjustments are made in the server. Let us break down the Patch 1.7.52 Update in detail.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.52 Update: Hero Adjustments

Revamped Minsitthar (Nerfed)

The developers have reduced the number of enhanced Basic Attacks during Skill 2. They have also optimized the performance and damage of Minsitthar’s abilities.

Passive (~)

Damage: 8(+2% Extra Physical Attack)% Max HP >> 300 + 6% Max HP

Skill 1 (↑)

New Effect: Spear of Glory now slows targets on their way out.

Skill 2 (↓)

Initial Attack Speed is lowered and now relies more on Attack Speed equipment.

Minsitthar Mobile Legends MLBB Cover, Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.48 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

Ultimate (~)

Damage: 70% Total Physical Attack >> 40% Total Physical Attack

Royal Guards’ Basic Attacks now gain 40% Attack Effects.


  • Lane: Roamer/EXP Lane >> EXP Lane/ Roamer
  • Recommended builds are reset. Two Attack Speed equipment is optimal.

Arlott (Nerfed)

The developers have slightly reduced his early-game damage.

Skill 2 (↓)

Base Damage: 185-360 >> 160-360

Edith (Buffed)

The developers are increasing her late-game laning ability, adjusting her shield calculation, and improving her performance at low Rage.

Passive (↑)

Chain Lightning’s Damage increase on Minions: 180% >> 110%-250%

Ultimate (↑)

  • Attack Speed After Transformation: 25%-150% >> 50%-150%
  • Lifesteal After Transformation: 59-30% >> 10%-30%
  • Attack gained from each point of Defense: 3.2 >> 2.5
  • Transformation Shield: Fixed >> Scales with Rage

Yve (Nerfed)

The developers are increasing the cooldown of Yve’s Starfield and reducing her Skill 2’s initial slow effect.

Skill 2 (↓)

Initial Slow Effect: 50% >> 25% (Final Slow Effect remains at 75%)

Ultimate (↓)

Cooldown: 50-40s >> 65-55s

Valentina (Nerfed)

The developers want to give Valentina’s opponents enough time to react to her Ultimate.

Ultimate (↓)

Cooldown: 55s >> 70-60s

Hayabusa (Nerfed)

Mobile Legends Project NEXT September 2021 Update
Revamped Hayabusa in Mobile Legends (Image by Montoon)

Hayabusa is overperforming in this Version Update. The developers are slightly reducing his early to mid-game damage.

Skill 1 (↓)

Base Damage: 170-270 >> 150-250

Fanny (Buffed)

Fanny is being countered more in high-ranked play that her movement skill can be interrupted with knock airborne effects. The developers are increasing her durability.

Attributes (↑)

HP Growth: 131 >> 141

Kagura (Adjusted)

The developers have optimized Kagura’s wall interaction. She can now pass through walls more easily using Seimei Umbrella.

Layla (Buffed)

The developers have slightly increased Layla’s attributes.

Attribute (↑)

  • Movement Speed: 240 >> 248
  • Base HP: 2500 >> 2580

Gloo (Nerfed)

The developers have optimized Gloo’s wall interaction. Gloo will not get stuck in walls anymore. They are now reducing Gloo’s damage and HP Regen in the early-to-mid game since Gloo was too much of a lane bully.

Skill 1 (↓)

  • Slam Damage: 200-300 >> 100-250
  • HP Regen from Gloo: 3% >> 1.5%-3%

Natan (Buffed)

The developers are slightly increasing Natan’s early-game damage and late-game sustainability.

Passive (↑)

  • Base Damage: 20 >> 50
  • Lifesteal Ratio: 50% >> 100%
  • Spell Vamp Ratio: 30% >> 50%

Ultimate (↑)

Cooldown: 42-30s >> 38-28s


Updated recommended builds. Magic Power equipment is now more beneficial than Physical Crit.

Hanabi (Buffed)

Hanabi Guide Mobile Legends
Image via MOONTON Games

The developers are making Hanabi’s abilities easier to land.

Passive (↑)

Basic Attack Lifesteal Ratio: 80% >> 100%

Skill 2 (↑)

Projectile velocity is slightly increased.

Ultimate (↑)

Projectile velocity is significantly increased.

Julian (Buffed)

Developers are making Julian’s enhanced Skill 2 more impactful.

Enhanced Skill 2 (↑)

Damage: 60-80 +12% Magic Power >> 75-115 +15% Magic Power

Karrie (Nerfed)

Karrie MLBB, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.24 Update, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.26 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

Karrie triggers two Attack Effects during her Ultimate. She is triggering her passive too frequently with Golden Staff. The developers are reducing her damage in the mid-to-late game.

Passive (↓)

Damage: 8%-12% of target’s Max HP >> 8% of target’s Max HP

Ultimate (↓)

  • Basic Attack Damage: 65%-75% Total Physical Attack >> 60%-70% Total Physical Attack
  • Basic Attack’s Attack Effect: 65%-75% >> 60%-70%

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.52 Update: System Adjustments

Resource Download System

In the meantime, the developers realized that our current resource download system cannot support further expansion and optimization of the resource sorting function. Therefore, they were making the following optimizations on the resource download system.

The developers should see that the current way of downloading game resources was an issue for players with limited device storage space. They have made the following optimizations to how resources are downloaded.

  • They have optimized the resource download logic.
  • Developers have removed the pop-up window when downloading resources and added a new resource download button on the main interface.
  • The new interface shows the download progress and size of the already downloaded resources.
  • On the new interface, developers can manually download/delete some resources.

Resource Sorting

  • Resources will now be sorted into “Essential Resources” that are required for basic functionality, for example, in-match hero models, systems, and event resources, and “Other Resources” that improve the game experience. It includes the likes of in-match skin models and custom map resources.
  • Players with less than 16GB available device storage space (32GB for some users), will be classified as Setting 1 and will only automatically download essential resources during updates.
  • After downloading essential resources, one can go to Settings -> Resource Management to manually download or delete various resource modules.
  • Developers can go to the Hero interface to download resources for specific skins.
  • Developers can delete all nonessential resources for your current setting to free up space on your device.
  • Experimental Adjustments: For some players with less than 32GB available storage, the game will download essential resources and resources for purchased skins and other owned items. This function is currently being tested on the Advanced Server.

Download Progress Visual Issue

When players switch from the current resource download system to the new one (e.g. switching to Advanced Server), their download progress may appear to reset on the interface, due to switching systems, but rest assured, the download has not reset. The developers apologize for this visual issue and will work to optimize the download progress display.

What are your thoughts on the Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.52 Update? Let us know in the comments section below!

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