Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.82: All you need to know

Get ready to see plenty of new changes to equipment and heroes!

With ongoing equipment revamp from the previous patch, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developers are continuing the trend here with the latest patch update 1.5.82. There is more equipment than items being changed and adjusted, as players can continue to expect high levels of play coming in the near future. This patch also features a Revamped Sun, which was live from patch .80 but only officially announced in this patch. Without further ado, let us dive into this patch and see what changes are being made to the next version of ML.

Hero adjustments


Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.82
Minotaur in Mobile Legends

The beast is receiving quite the makeover ever since his debut in ML years ago. His skill effects are getting new art and there are also some changes to his skills that will undoubtedly shake the foundation of playing Minotaur. 

Skill 2

Removed effects: If Minotaur is in non-Rage mode, taking Basic Attack within 2s of using this skill will regenerate Rage. 

New effect: Each Basic Attack deals additional Physical Attack based on HP within 5s of casting this skill, regardless of which state Minotaur is in. 


  • Cooldown: 20s → 30s
  • Slightly reduced Rage regenerated in non-Rage State.


  • Slightly reduced Rage regenerated from dealing skill and Basic Attack damage.
  • All skills’ cooldowns now reset whenever he enters Rage State.


The half-robot, half-man has created some new technology to help him deal more damage. His Skill 1 will now deal higher damage. 

Skill 1

Base Damage: 30-100 → 50-120


Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.82
Mobile Legends: Natalia

The very annoying assassin is given a second chance in the meta, as developers aim to promote her use as a Roamer, giving her more HP and HP Growth. 


  • Base HP: 2589 → 2639
  • HP Growth: 154 → 164

Battlefield Adjustments

Previously, developers have programmed a new battlefield calculation in Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.82, which was to allow the Magic Defense of heroes to go below 0 up to a value of -60. As this proved to be too strong for Magic Heroes, some adjustments to Magic Penetration abilities, early on are nerfed. 

  • All heroes’ Base Magic Defense increased by 5.
  • Magic Penetration provided by ‘Arcane Boots‘ and ‘Genius Wand‘: 15 → 12

The new changes to penetration values have made magical Junglers stronger. Thus, some changes to the Jungling Footwear skills have been made to balance the jungling speed of both types of heroes. In addition, the level-up requirements of Retribution were too hard to meet, so it has been lowered. 

  • Jungling Footwear’s damage type against creeps: Magic Damage → True Damage
  • Retribution:
    • Stacks to unlock advanced skills: 10 → 8
    • Stacks to remove the minion reward reduction: 20 → 12

Support heroes are also not adjusted to the new Roaming equipment, so they are being buffed in this patch. These changes are still uncertain as to whether it will be too powerful, so it may be nerfed in future patches. 

  • Unique Passive – Thriving
    • Gold added to the hero/teammates every 5s: 8/6 → 10/8
    • EXP added to the hero/teammates every 5s: 20/15 → 25/20
  • Active – Conceal
    • Movement Speed: 15%-60% → 20%-80%
  • Active – Favor 
    • Cooldown: 15s → 20s
    • HP Regen: 250-1000 → 300-1200
    • Note: Skills that only affect the hero itself (e.g Uranus’ regen, Guardian Helmet regen) do not trigger this skill.
  • Active – Dire Hit
    • Cooldown: 15s → 20s
    • Trigger condition: being below 30% HP → being below 40% HP

Requirements for ‘Sea Halberd‘ and ‘Necklace of Durance‘ have also been adjusted. Both types of equipment are made the same, with both being able to be triggered either by Basic Attacks or Skills. To balance this out for Regen heroes, Spell Vamp on minions will deal 100% instead of 50%. The price of ‘Sea Halberd‘ has been reduced and ‘Deadly Blade‘ is also removed so that it is fairer to decide to buy either anti-regen item. 

  • Spell Vamp
    • No decay on minions (reverted to Official Server version)
  • Sea Halberd
    • Price: 2350 → 2050
    • Physical Attack: 80 → 70
    • New Build Path: Regular Spear + Legion Sword
    • New trigger condition: Dealing any type of damage
    • Deadly Blade: Removed permanently
  • Necklace of Durance
    • New trigger condition: Dealing any type of damage

For active types of equipment like Wind of Nature and Winter Truncheon, the build paths are optimized to prevent them from being neglected for too long after being built. Attributes have been slightly adjusted to match the build paths. 

  • Wind of Nature
    • New Attributes: 30 Physical Attack, 20% Attack Speed, 10% Physical Lifesteal
    • New build path: Vampire Mallet + Regular Spear
  • Winter Truncheon
    • New build path: Vitality Crystal + Magic Wand

Adjustments have also been made to other types of equipment, so that they are more suitable for heroes to use in different circumstances.

  • Twilight Armor
    • Active Skill: Defiance: Changed from Passive to Active Skill. After use, reduces the Crit Damage is taken and the hero’s duration of being controlled. Also deals True Damage to nearby enemies per second for 5s. Has a 60s cooldown
  • Golden Staff
    • Unique Passive: Endless Strike. Has a new effect where after each Basic Attack applies a stack of Endless Strike. After 2 stacks, the next Basic Attack will have a greatly increased Attack Speed, and the next basic Attack effect triggers 1 extra time. 
  • Shadow Twinblades
    • Magic Lifesteal: 10% → 15%
    • Unique Passive- Assasination: Movement Speed Reduction increased from 40% to 60%
  • Blade Armor
    • Unique Passive- Vengeance: Damage Reflected: 25% enemy’s Physical Attack → 25% damage dealt with the attack (before damage reduction)
    • New Effect: Reduces 25% Movement Speed for 0.5s upon damage reflection.
  • Hunter Strike
    • Cooldown: 15s → 10s
    • Movement Speed increase: 30% for 3s → 60% that rapidly decays over 3s
  • Rose Gold Meteor
    • New Effect: Increases the hero’s Magic Defense by 30 upon gaining a Shield.
  • Magic Blade
    • New Effect: Increases the hero’s Magic Defense by 15 upon gaining a Shield.
  • Corrosion Scythe
    • Has a chance of reducing the Movement Speed of enemies→ Each Basic Attack reduces the target’s Movement Speed by 8% (halved for long-range Basic Attacks). Stacks up to 5 times, lasts for 1.5s.
  • Radiant Armor
    • Attributes: 6 HP Regen → 12 HP Regen, 45 Magic Defense → 52 Magic Defense.
  • Fleeting Time
    • Attributes: +350 Mana
    • Material: Added Power Crystal
  • Guardian Helmet
    • Extra HP Regen: Each kill increases HP Regen by 0.4% and each assist by 0.2%. → Each kill or assist increases HP Regen by 0.25%, up to 2%
  • Lightning Truncheon
    • Mana Bonus from dealing damage: 33% → 30%

Assisted Aiming Mode can now be used for skills that need to select target locations. 

System adjustments and Bug fixes

  • Updated the effects system
    • Added a simulated battlefield environment to the Preparation interface, which allows you to directly preview the display of effects on the battlefield.
    • You can now set the effects separately for each hero you own. 
    • You can now decide whether to use an exclusive effect after obtaining it.
  • Optimized the patch notes page of Magic Chess.
  • Players’ HP reduction and ranking changes are displayed for each round in Magic Chess.
  • Optimized an issue where read mails are not moved down from the top when returning to the mail page after checking them.
  • Fixed the type of Phoveus’ skin attribute. (Now increases Magic Power instead of Physical Attack).
  • Fixed the display video of Kaja’s Ultimate.
  • Fixed the descriptions of Revamped Sun.

Are you excited about the latest Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.82? Let us know in the comment section below.

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