Mobile Legends to change System Voice Notification in the future updates

Moonton is introducing considerable differences from the old notification system

Mobile Legends is one of the trending mobile games from the house of MOONTON. Over the years, MLBB has given exciting experiences to its players in 5v5 matches where each player gets to pick their own role and test their skills, and compete against other players. Mobile Legends has always been very unique and easy to identify by their system voice notification. 

The system announces whenever a player eliminates an enemy, slays the lord, or manages to destroy the enemy’s tower. However, there is an upcoming update where Moonton might change the system voice notification that has been popular and identical to Mobile Legends. 

mobile legends voice notification

Changes in the system voice notification

The current voice notification has a more eccentric, energetic, and high spirit whenever a player manages to finish one of the objectives during the game. However, according to the Hororo chan channel, Moonton is set to change the voices into a calmer tone. While the notification voice still maintains its high spirit whenever any team is in the advantage position, it will change into a calmer voice whenever a team is falling behind. 

Fans divided over the proposed changes

However, the changes have drawn mixed reactions from mobile legends fans and players. Some argue that the old notification is better as the announcer gives a more energetic and optimistic feel like an announcer in a gladiator arena as they will not hold back when there is a bloodbath in the arena.

On the other hand, the new voice notification feels like a sci-fi arena with a more calm and cool tone. Another opinion states that the old notification brings more pressure especially when enemies win the objective while the new notification gives calm vibes and makes the player and team take better decisions even when they’re in a disadvantageous position.

Final Thoughts

It is true that the old notification system has more energetic and optimistic vibes that give players more spirit and boost their morale during the game. However, for some players, it gives them more pressure especially when the enemy team wins the objective and it will affect the player’s mindset. This could be a factor that made Moonton change the voice into a calmer tone and give the relaxing vibes and will help players make better decisions during the battle.

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