Mobile Legends Xavier: Hero overview, skill analysis and release date

The Defier of Light

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is releasing new heroes in advance server more frequently than ever. A few days back they released a new Marksman Melissa in the Advance server. Melissa is still under development in advance server and their latest addition in the advance server is the new Mage hero Xavier. He is going to be a very interesting hero, with his elegant character design and unique skill sets. Let’s check the abilities and stats of Xavier as he is going to make his way in Mobile Legends.


Passive – Transcendence

passive xavier

His passive has two effects. The first one is Transcendence. Each time Xavier hits an enemy with his skills, he gains a stack of Energy Surge (up to 3 stacks) that enhances his subsequent skills. Reaching 3 stacks, he enters the Transcendence state. It increases his damage and the width of his skills.

In the Transcendence state, he can use one Enhanced skill; every enhanced skill will deal more damage and the width of its damage range will be increased. Using the Ultimate he will enter the Transcendence state directly, the color of skill icons will also be changed from blue to purple in this state. 

Enhanced Xavier Skills
Enhanced Xavier Skills in Transcendence state

And the other one is the domain. Xavier is surrounded by a mystic domain and applies Paradox stacks (up to 3 stacks) to all enemies. Each stack reduces the enemy’s movement speed by 33%; the maximum stack will immobilize the enemies.

Skill 1 – Infinite Extension

CD – 6.0

skill 1 xavier

Xavier fires a Mystic Bullet that deals Magic Damage to enemies in its path. The Bullet’s flying distance will increase each time it hits an enemy or the Mystic Barrier.

Skill 2 – Mystic Field (Magic Skill)

CD – 12.0

skill 2 xavier

Xavier conjures a Mystic Barrier that slows enemies and speeds up allies it comes into contact with. The Barrier will expand into a forbidden field when hit by the Mystic Bullet, immobilizing enemies while speeding up allies in the area. If the first skill passes through the second skill and it will create a forbidden area, enemies inside the area will get immobilized.

Ultimate – Dawning Light

ultimate xavier

CD – 40.0

Xavier fires a global Mystic Bolt that deals damage to enemies in its path simultaneously and enters the Transcendence state.

Skill Analysis and Hero Overview

Xavier’s character design looks very elegant. His skill sets are very easy to understand and won’t be difficult to master. He can create a great impact in team fights. His first skill deals a very good amount of damage and is very effective at clearing the lane faster as a mid laner. Which will allow him to roam around other lanes often and help side laners.

xavier mobile legends
Image via MOONTON Games

He has an insane poking ability. Mele range heroes will have a hard time finishing him off. When they try to get close to him, they will get immobilized. He can create great combos with his second and first skills. Using the first skill after casting the second skill will create a circle-shaped barrier, and all enemies inside it will get immobilized. This can be very annoying to deal with.

This combo can save players in many situations while getting chased by enemies with low HP. And lastly his Ultimate, a great tool to finish off low HP enemies from any place on the map. If players have good map sense and by constantly checking Minimap they would get many opportunities to secure a kill even from the opposite lane.

xavier gameplay mlbb
Image via MOONTON Games

His ultimate works like old Moskov’s ultimate, also similar to Layla’s ultimate but the range is a full map. It can deal damage to all enemies of its path. If two or three low HP enemies stay in a line, all of them can be killed with just one ultimate.

Xavier release date in Mobile Legends

Xavier is going to be the 115th hero in Mobile Legends. Still, under development; Xavier is scheduled to be released after Melissa. It won’t be long before we can finally get our hands on this awesome, unique Mage hero in the official server as Mobile Legends have been releasing quite frequently now.

That’s all for today’s overview guide about Xavier in Mobile Legends. Are you excited about the arrival of Xavier in MLBB? Let us know in the comment section below!

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