Mobile release of Skate is reportedly confirmed as insider playtesting sign-up pops up

The popular Skate game is set to come to mobile!

According to the latest insider news from GamingonPhone’s sources, Electronic Arts‘ super popular Skate franchise is confirmed to release on the mobile platform as playtesting sign-ups are live. This game is the mobile version of the fourth game in the series, Skate 4, which is now named Skate. Last July, the developers even released footage of the game which they called “pre-pre-pre alpha footage” and discussed Skate’s potential arrival on mobile.

Playtest sign-ups are ongoing for Skate mobile

In this picture right here we can see that it clearly mentions the presence of an early version of the discussed game, that is, Skate. We can conclude that it is still in its early to mid-phase of development and is aiming to tailor the game and develop it based on the feedback of those involved in the testing. This is a huge step towards the launch of the game which is no doubt going to be a much-awaited one for all those who take an interest in mobile gaming.

Skate mobile, Skate mobile release
Image via GamingonPhone/Electronic Arts

The original will be released as a live service game, which is a sign of the evolution the series has gone through over the many years it has been a well-received and loved game among players. What this means is that Electronic Arts as a company will keep supporting the game with updates as long as it is possible and viable to do so. Once the said mobile version of the game arrives, the game will feature cross-progression and cross-play to make the game community even broader and more exclusive.

When will Skate release on mobile

As of now, there is still no official release date for the game announced publicly. The same goes for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation versions of the game, which are confirmed to come but the date still remains unknown.

Final Thoughts

Skate Mobile developed
Image via Electronic Arts

As the latest installment in a series that is much loved and has a huge fanbase, Skate is an extremely awaited title. A game of the caliber of Skate coming to mobile is very positive news as it will bring in more attention and popularity to the mobile gaming industry. Thus, we can only hope it is a success and pushes the industry to new heights.

Are you excited for the mobile release of Skate? Let us know in the comments below!

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