Mojo Melee Season One: Emergence of Champions launches on browser and Android devices

Season One: Emergence of Champions” kicks off with new Platypus dark rogue Veren Mostelier!

The multiplayer auto-chess and deckbuilding hybrid Mojo Melee has launched its season one for its web version, announced the game developer Mystic Moose. Additionally, starting today, Android users can play the game via an open beta. The full-access launch of the game will happen soon, and an iOS version is planned for later this year.

Season One: Emergence of Champions brings new in-game content, Premium Battle Pass and more

There will be a ton of feature updates and improvements throughout this first season. New additions to the game’s depth and strategy will be made, including two new SpellStones and a completely new Champion. A new Premium BattlePass, Premium Quests, and Champion chroma skins will also be available soon enabling players to customise the appearance of their Champions in conjunction with the release of “Season One: Emergence of Champions”.

Mojo Melee is now playable on Android with an open beta in addition to the browser version. Before Mojo Melee officially comes for Android and iOS later this year, gamers will be able to test out various teams and play styles during the beta by participating in AI and multiplayer matches. Both game versions are fully cross-play compatible, allowing mobile users to play alongside those using the desktop version.

We’re excited to start the first official Season of play for Mojo Melee. Our team has put a lot of effort into developing what we think of as the next step in the growth of the auto chess genre: a game that is quicker-paced, and simpler to learn, but has depth and strategy for those who put in the time. We are appreciative of the robust player community that supported us throughout the process and provided invaluable feedback during the alpha and beta phases. Mojo Melee has a promising future.”

Mike Levine, CEO, Mystic Moose

Choose your Mojo avatar and bring magical Spellstones to life in Mojo Meele

Mojo Melee is a daring new approach to auto chess games that emphasizes strategy, careful Champion choosing, and game-changing Spellstones. A group of seasoned designers from renowned studios like EA and LucasArts created the game. The components of Mojo Melee are approachable and simple to comprehend, yet they take skill and understanding to master. Mojo Melee is inspired by deck-building games, where playing with team choices of who to send into combat effects victory, in contrast to typical auto chess games where both teams include the same units.

Mojo Melee Season One
Image via Mystic Moose

Players will now have the option of choosing their very own Mojo avatar in addition to Champions. The solution to rescue Planet Mojo lies with these little magical plant-based animals. Mojos animate mystical Spellstones, which have a variety of attacking and defensive capabilities that can change the course of a battle. Season One: Emergence of Champions in Mojo Melee is now available on browsers and Android as an open beta.

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