MONOPOLY GO! 1st Anniversary Bash Event: All you need to know

Anniversary rewards!

MONOPOLY GO! brings out fantastic events for players to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies such as Money that help us progress faster on the Map as we dream of being Real Estate Kings. One such event that is live now in MONOPOLY GO is the 1st Anniversary Bash Event, in which I will explain everything you need to know regarding the details such as participating in it, milestones, and the rewards you will earn.

1st Anniversary Bash Event in MONOPOLY GO!

The 1st Anniversary Bash event officially began on April 14, 2024, and is scheduled to run for two days. Players can earn points and rewards by landing on designated tiles, enabling them to collect 1st Anniversary Bash tokens. With the Dig Event Anniversary Treasures now live, we will be getting Pickaxe Tokens to collect.

Monopoly Go 1st Anniversary Bash Event rewards
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To receive rewards in this event, the only way to progress would be the PickupsTwo 1st Anniversary Bash Event Tokens can be collected from Pickups. To maximize your points, the strategic use of dice multipliers is essential since there is only one way to complete and earn all the rewards from 48 milestones, so as I suggested, keep more dice rolls.

MONOPOLY GO 1st Anniversary Bash: Milestones and Rewards

The 1st Anniversary Bash event is anticipated to be another mega event, featuring 48 Milestones and offering a total of 15,180 dice rolls. This includes a significant milestone at the end, promising 6500 dice rolls for 7500 points as I’ve shared.

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards Earned
153 Pickaxe Tokens
25Cash Prize
310Sticker Pack
475125 Dice Rolls
5154 Pickaxe Tokens
615Sticker Pack
7205 Pickaxe Tokens
825Rent Frenzy 10 Minutes
9150230 Dice Rolls
10257 Pickaxe Tokens
1130Sticker Pack
1230Cash Prize
13358 Pickaxe Tokens
14450600 Dice Rolls
1550Sticker Pack
1660Cash Grab 10 Minutes
177010 Pickaxe Tokens
1880Cash Prize
19900800 Dice Rolls
2060Sticker Pack
216514 Pickaxe Tokens
2270Cash Prize
2390High Roller 10 Minutes
2415001200 Dice Rolls
2512015 Pickaxe Tokens
26200Sticker Pack
2715017 Pickaxe Tokens
28140100 Dice Rolls
29900Cash Prize
30170125 Dice Rolls
3118020 Pickaxe Tokens
32210Cash Prize
33250Sticker Pack
3418001500 Dice Rolls
3525022 Pickaxe Tokens
363505 Minutes Cash Boost
37600Sticker Pack
3870030 Pickaxe Tokens
3940002800 Dice Rolls
4070015 Minutes High Roller
41900500 Dice Rolls
4280040 Pickaxe Tokens
432700Cash Prize
441100700 Dice Rolls
451000Cash Prize
461250Sticker Pack
471500Cash Prize
4875006500 Dice Rolls

With the event now live, I say, no time to waste! Let’s elevate our strategy in Monopoly Go and explore every opportunity available during this event.

In addition, while the 1st Anniversary Bash event is active, we should also take a closer look at any other recent arrivals or active events on Monopoly Go!

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