MONOPOLY GO! June 2024: List of Events, Tournaments, and Rewards

Rewards galore!

As a modern-day twist on the classic board game MonopolyScopely’s fun casual title MONOPOLY GO! has been hitting impressive numbers since its debut, which also made headlines for amassing $2 Billion in revenue just 10 months after its launch. From the game’s fabulous events for players to shortcuts that will help you rake in more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies such as Money, let me tell you, the game doesn’t fail to impress. With numerous events and tournaments every month, MONOPOLY GO in June 2024 is filled with awesome rewards and multipliers. Here is a fast rundown of the events and tournaments coming this month.

Additionally, if you just starting with MONOPOLY GO!, we have also covered a comprehensive beginner’s guide for some basic tips and a guide on how to add your friends to the game. Check our redeem codes and free dice rolls to grab some freebies along the way! If you are having any in-game issues, check our customer support article to connect to the official team hassle-free!

MONOPOLY GO June 2024 Events and Tournaments

Each event and tournament will include a series of mini-events, commonly called Timed Events to give you extra rewards, which is a common feature we often encounter. Mega Heist, Free Parking Cash event, Cash GrabRent FrenzyHigh Roller, and others are examples. You will also have Quick Wins and Daily Treats features, which offer additional rewards.

Stay tuned in the main menu to catch any minigames that might help you get an extra reward. This will provide you with more perks to enjoy all the best that the game has to offer for you.


Here is a compilation of the events that have arrived or are scheduled for June 2024.

1. Winners Avenue

Winners Avenue arrived at the game, with 18,690 Dice Rolls on offer.

2. Cloud Cruisin

Monopoly Go Cloud Cruisin Event Cover
Image via Scopely

Cloud Cruisin was the next event on offer, which brought us 44 Milestones and 19,615 Dice Rolls.

3. Martian Treasures

Martian Treasures will come with the Wild Stickers as well alongside a Rover token and Spaceship Runes Shield Token.

4. Mars Metropolis

Mars Metropolis is another event coming with 48 Milestones with 15,180 dice rolls and close to 200 Pickaxe Tokens on offer. It once again returned with a rerun.

5. Martian Core Quest

MONOPOLY GO Martian Core Quest Event Cover
Image via Scopely

Martian Core Quest featured 49 Milestones and offering a total of 14,605 dice rolls alongside around 600 Pickaxe Tokens.

6. Fast & Luxurious

Fast & Luxurious was another event, coming with 42 Milestones and offering a total of 16,120 dice rolls.

7. Tycoon Racers

A new type of partners event arrived with Tycoon Racers.

8. Highway To Fame

Highway To Fame Event arrived with 43 Milestones and offering a total of 17,080 dice rolls.


Below is the list of tournaments that arrived or are scheduled in June 2024.

1. Twist To The Top

The Twist To The Top Tournament was the first tournament this month, it offered 30 Milestones with 3110 dice rolls

2. ShowRoom Show Off

Monopoly Go Showroom Show Off Tournament Cover
Image via Scopely

With 30 Milestones with 3110 dice rolls and approximately 200 Peg-E Tokens as rewards, the ShowRoom Show Off was a spectacle.

3. Pod Pursuit

Pod Pursuit gave us 25 Milestones with 3440 dice rolls on offer.

4. Rover Rally

Rover Rally is the next tournament with 30 Milestones with 4000 dice rolls and around 100 Pickaxe tokens on offer.

5. Resource Run

Resource Run arrived with 30 Milestones, with 4150 dice rolls and around 130 Pickaxe tokens on offer.

6. Grease & Glory

Grease & Glory arrived with 30 Milestones offering 4140 dice rolls.

7. Pace Pushers

MONOPOLY GO Pace Pushers Tournament Cover
Image via Scopely

Pace Pushers had 30 Milestones, with 4140 dice rolls and close to 3000 Race Tokens available on offer.

8. Downtime Derby

Downtime Derby had 30 Milestones, with 4140 dice rolls and close to 3000 Partners Tokens available on offer.

9. Bait Battle

Bait Battle had 25 Milestones, with 3440 dice rolls on offer.

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