MONOPOLY GO! Jungle Treasures Event: All you need to know

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MONOPOLY GO! brings out fantastic events for players to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies such as Money that help us progress faster on the Map as we dream of being Real Estate Kings. One such event that is live now in MONOPOLY GO is the Jungle Treasures Event, in which we will explain everything you need to know regarding the details such as participating in it, milestones, and the rewards you will earn.

Jungle Treasures Event in MONOPOLY GO!

Jungle Treasures is a dig-and-find event in the game event kicked off on January 22, 2024, and will run for four days. Throughout this event, players have the opportunity to reach 20 milestones with a total of 5500 dice rolls on offer and 24 Pickaxe tokens.

Monopoly Go jungle treasures rewards
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During the Jungle Treasures event, there are various ways for players to earn Pickaxe tokens, with the easiest being the Quick Wins section. In the event itself, you can collect Pickaxe tokens by reaching specific milestones as mentioned in the table below. Participating in tournaments and events will also reward you with Pickaxe tokens.

MONOPOLY GO Jungle Treasures: Milestones and Rewards

As mentioned earlier, The Jungle Treasures will have the opportunity to reach 20 milestones with 5500 dice rolls and 24 Pickaxe tokens. This also includes one big milestone at the end promising 2500 Dice Rolls and a Sticker Pack with a minimum of one 5-star in it among the six, as shared.

MilestoneRewards Earned
125 Free Dice Rolls, 2 Pickaxe Tokens
275 Free Dice Rolls, Yellow 2-Star Sticker Pack
4125 Free Dice Rolls, 2 Pickaxe Tokens
5Cash Prize, 3 Pickaxe Tokens
6150 Free Dice Rolls
7Cash Prize, 3 Pickaxe Tokens
8175 Free Dice Rolls
9Cash Prize, Pink 3-Star Sticker Pack
10250 Free Dice Rolls
11Cash Prize, 4 Pickaxe Tokens of Egyptian Treasure
12Pink 3-Star Sticker Pack
13300 Free Dice Rolls, Sticker Boom of 30 Minutes, Shield Skin
14Cash Prize, Blue 4-Star Sticker Pack
15350 Free Dice Rolls
16Pot Token
17Cash Prize, 5 Pickaxe Tokens of Egyptian Treasure
18450 Free Dice Rolls
19Cash Prize, 5 Pickaxe Tokens of Egyptian Treasure
202500 Free Dice Rolls, Cash Prize, 5-Star Sticker Pack

MONOPOLY GO Jungle Treasures Strategy

Using your Pickaxes wisely is key to success. Pay attention to the treasures by checking the empty collection at the top before starting to dig. This helps you estimate the number of Pickaxes needed and where treasures might be located. Start a level by placing your first Pickaxe, preferably in the middle, to eliminate more possibilities. Avoid going for corners or sides unless you’re certain about a treasure being there.

Monopoly Go jungle treasures event
Image via Scopely

Once you’ve cleared some middle squares, focus on finding tiles with the most chance of hiding parts of a treasure. Consider the practical fit of other pieces into the puzzle and look for tile hot spots. Dig in areas that, if revealed with no treasure, will eliminate the most tiles, helping you narrow down potential locations.

So what are you waiting for? Time to up your Monopoly Go strategy and earn everything on offer!

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