Monster Hunter Now is a new AR title by Capcom and Niantic, scheduled to launch in September 2023

Mark your calendars to hunt monsters around you!

Monster Hunter Now has been announced by Niantic and Capcom as the next release in the Monster Hunter series. The game’s mechanics will be inspired by the developer’s hit title Pokémon Go where players will explore their neighborhoods in a bid to slay some monsters.

Monster Hunter Now will focus to deliver a real-time AR gaming experience

Monster Hunter Now aims to deliver a real-time monster-slaying experience where players can use the environment to their advantage. This title should not be mixed up with another Monster Hunter title which is in the works as of now. Monster Hunter Now will draw similarities from Witcher Monster Slayer which will also allow players to roam the streets in search of some game to hunt.

Monster Hunter Now Niantic Capcom, Monster Hunter Now
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The developers have come up with a solid plan for the launch with the Closed Beta Tests held to take place in April. Beta registration for the game will begin on April 18, with selected participants able to partake in a closed beta beginning on April 25.

The game then will make its way to both the Apple store and Google Play on an undisclosed date in September 2023. The game will be distributed by Niantic under the official license of Capcom.

Developers confirm some tradeoffs for the game to be optimized for mobile

Speaking about the game, developers did stress the fact that there were some tradeoffs to be made to the game in order to optimize it for mobile devices, however, they have promised there are certain additions to the game as well to compensate for it. All in all the fans can expect similar monster-hunting fun with an added twist.

The game will be available to be played with a company of a maximum of 4 players, where players can collectively hunt for monsters scattered all across the surrounding environment. Monster Hunter Now will release for both Android and iOS, interested fans can register themselves for the beta through the official website.

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