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Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer, a new RPG title available for pre-registration on Android and iOS

Embrace new adventures with Moonlight Sculptor Dark Gamer!

Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer the new entry to the Moonlight Sculptor series is an RPG sequel brought to you by XLGAMES CORP. Moonlight Sculptor the prequel to this game, was announced for a complete shutdown by the developers on May 4th. Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer will mark the return of the series with pre-registration already available for the game on Android and iOS.

Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer will aim to provide new adventures in the shattered world of moonlight sculptors

Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer might be the new entry in the series, however, will aim to provide new adventures in the style and world of the classic Moonlight Sculptors. The developers have made sure to give this title an original touch by making the main storyline inspired by the original Novel, this would give the fans even more engaging and inspiring content to play through.

Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer pre-registration, Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer

The primary storyline will revolve around the time of chaos when the great adventurer Weed disappeared for unknown reasons, Players would be required to muster their courage, band together a group of fellow warriors and once again win the supremacy of the Versailles. The game will offer multiple characters each having their own abilities and skillsets for the players to combine and fight. This would allow the players to have a wide range of characters to select from and provide more depth to the character customization in the game.

The game features great battles between different worlds, players can customize their characters not just by looks but also by powers and abilities. Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer allows the players to customize their characters by combining different skills and abilities and form a completely unique character for themselves. Players can challenge the best characters with a combination of homemade statues and rare monster cards

Interested players can pre-register for the game via the official website, the game will be available to be downloaded from both Google Play and App Store.

What are your thoughts on Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer being made available for pre-registration? Let us know in the comments below!

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