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Moonlighter: The popular RPG Indie title to release on Android devices soon

11bit Studios confirmed the android release

Moonlighter has been a fan-favorite indie game for a while now. It has gained a reputation for being a good and enjoyable game. The game has so far, however, not been available on Android despite having a PC, Console, Switch, and an iOS version. But that might be changing soon with 11 Bit Studios, teasing to release Moonlighter on Android devices soon.

11 Bit Studios showcased the Moonlighter gameplay on Android

11 Bit Studios, one of the developers and publishers of the game who specialize in indie titles have teased an Android version in a tweet that leaves little room for doubt. It pretty much confirms that quite soon, we should be hearing announcements regarding a new version of Moonlighter, now set to release for Android users.

The tweet is accompanied by an image that shows the game running on a mobile phone. While it is pretty blurry, it’s not too hard to see that Moonlighter isn’t clearly running on an iPhone, which can only hint at an Android release soon. There’s also another hint in the tweet where it starts out by saying that there’s an exciting event for all the mobile gamers. This inclusivity explains that the game would now be available to both Android and iOS devices.

Ordinary under the sun, Hero at night

For those who haven’t heard about the game, it’s a story-driven action RPG with rouge-lite elements. Players will play as the character of Will, who is a shopkeeper by day and adventurer at night. An archaeological excavation led to the discovery of a set of gates that lead to other dimensions.

Will lives in a small commercial village named “Rynoka”, which is close to the excavation site. Any adventurer who is brave enough can go to claim rewards and treasures inside the different dimensions. They must also be strong enough to fend off the monsters and enemies they come across.

Moonlighter release Android
Moonlighter: Gameplay

The exact Android launch date has not been confirmed yet. The game is likely to be paid and might cost quite some money for a mobile game since it’s available on iOS for $17.99.

What are your thoughts on the release of Moonlighter on Android devices? Let us know in the comment section below.

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