MOONTON Games launches third-party support feature for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports

Organizers will get enhanced support from MLBB

MOONTON Games has partnered with three esports management platforms to launch a third-party support feature for Mobile Legends esports. With its newly launched MLBB Third-Party Tournament website, the game will now allow organizers to use the platform for managing player and tournament data easily. Both small and large-scale organizers are eligible to access the advanced features by applying for the support feature.

Battlefy, Challonge, and Toornament will offer seamless integration with the MLBB Tournament Tool

MOONTON Games has signed partnerships to kick off next-level support for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports. Battlefy, Challonge, and Tournament are the three esports management platforms that event organizers can use now to manage everything efficiently within a short period.

“Our end-game is to empower third-party organizers to the point that they are able to operate self-sufficiently and independently. This launch is just the beginning.”

Ray Ng, Head of Esports Ecosystem, MOONTON Games

Organizers can now easily set up small-scale tournaments using the MLBB Tournament Tool. Besides, organizers operating on a larger scale will be able to gain additional support and resources by listing themselves in the Major Community Tournament License category.

Ray Ng, Head of Esports Ecosystem, at MOONTON Games, said that the game plans to simplify the event hosting process. Considering the esports ecosystem’s third-party partners and event organizers as the key pillars, the game will empower them with the tools, knowledge, and resources.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports support feature is developed in-house, more resources will follow later

MLBB Tournament Tool is MOONTON’s in-house developed product and features one-click access to a tournament lobby. Organizers, before, had to work manually to add the players to the game lobby by collecting the user IDs of all participants and adding them as friends.

MLBB Third-Party Tournament website by MOONTON Games
Image via MOONTON Games

But now with the advanced tool, they’ll invite players to the lobby simply by having them scan a unique QR code or input a unique tournament ID code. Apart from the small-scale organizers, major events are also getting entry to the elite zone to be eligible for enhanced support. To get this, they’ve to apply for the Major Community Tournament License Application.

If selected, large-scale esports event organizers will unlock access to a server with all heroes and emblems unlocked, official certification to use the MLBB logo, and marketing support on official MLBB channels. However, this doesn’t end here as MLBB has promised to continue to invest in and collaborate with the game’s community to shape the future of competitive gaming.

Mobile Legends esports will pave the way for third-party organizers to elevate to mainstream events

Community events are going to get to ladder up to bigger tournaments. In this regard, we asked MOONTON Games about how are they planning to bring up small organizers to mainstream events. “In the future, there will be more opportunities for community tournaments to ladder up to bigger tournaments“, said Eric Wu, Senior Partnerships Manager, Esports Ecosystem, at MOONTON Games. As communities and ecosystems vary from region to region, the game does understand the importance. “MOONTON Games will assist in providing more resources to strengthen the entire MLBB ecosystem. This includes empowering our trusted partners to achieve greater success in the esports field, as well as creating opportunities for them to compete on larger stages“, he added.

So, growing the esports scene is decentralizing the scene regions like ID, SG, MY, where the title is the most popular. But, MOONTON is seeing it as an expansion. “Southeast Asia has a strong player base. However, we’ve also had huge growth of the title in global regions such as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA), and Latin America, among others“, Eric answered. And, the grassroots events are the keys to growing the players’ interest to join the bigger stage, the stair stars from these events.

Eric Wu, Senior Partnerships Manager, Esports Ecosystem, at MOONTON Games
Image via MOONTON Games

MLBB esports is expanding over the globe. Third-party events are the heart of this expansion. Those events are taking the official tournaments to the MENA. For example, the MLBB Mid Season Cup (MSC) 2024 is held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this year, the first time venturing outside the SEA. To take a look at the third-party events again, unofficial events are helping the title to expand overseas. Snapdragon Pro Series and IESF World Esports Championship are the prime example of it.

Mobile Legends is one of the few gaming companies to provide this level of access to third parties

In our conversation with Eric, we brought up the issue of the licensing process and MOONTON’s service afterward. “We can provide the same support as before, because we have always valued the voice of the community from the first day we created MLBB esports. Very few other AAA gaming companies provide this level of access to third parties, but we believe that the third-party partners and esports event organizers are key pillars of our esports ecosystem as they represent the strength of our community“, said he. Providing this level of support will boost the esports scene of MLBB to a whole new level. The continuous journey for the game with its third-party organizers is already bringing good results. The sustainability, user experience, and player satisfaction are revamping the whole scene.

In the past, tournament organizers had to submit a lot of information and go through a long review process before they were authorized. It troubled the third-party small organizers that had limited manpower. To bring change simplify the authorization process and provide a better tool for participants, the support feature is launched. Mobile Legends will guide these organizers as the third-party partners and esports event organizers are key pillars of the esports ecosystem and represent the strength of the title’s community.

So, the game is providing support to its fullest to third-party organizers. We asked about the future resources that the game said to provide to the organizers. “This could include providing a more user-friendly UI to make it easier for participants to join events or developing more features in tools to offer a more engaging on-site experience, such as unlocking more heroes for gameplay, and so on, making playing MLBB together even more enjoyable“, Eric said. All of this will be done to provide more exposure for mature organizers so a better environment exists and is sustained for a long time.

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