NetEase Games launches Eggy Party: battle royale Android closed beta in the Netherlands and the UK

NetEase are eyeing up the global opportunities after a successful stint in China!

Eggy Party: battle royale has been launched as a closed beta in the Netherlands and the UK. The game was initially released in China by NetEase Games but now the global version also started the closed beta in the Netherlands and the UK where 4 Winds Entertainment also playing a role.

Eggy Party: battle royale looks very similar to Fall Guys

Egg Party battle royale while looking similar to Fall Guys also has some of its own unique features the most obvious one being the characters in the game. Players take shape as different and unique eggs, the stages and levels in the game are also a point of differentiation, and the only thing constant is the fun and chaos that the crazy competitive environment brings in.

Eggy Party: battle royale, Eggy Party workshop
Image via NetEase Games

Players can set up their own levels and compete with their friends in a PvP Format. The egg-building workshop lets player design their own levels to compete against friends. Players can also make use of different available skill sets in the game to get an added advantage over other players in the game.

The game overall has a very light and fun demeanor, players of any age can basically play and enjoy the game. Random traps, flipping doors, revolving floors, and many such exciting levels and competitive stages await players interested in the game.

Head over to the Netherlands Google Play to try the beta

Fall Guys fans who are willing to explore some other similarly unique experiences with varying stages can surely go out and explore Eggy Party: battle royale.

As stated before the game is available for closed beta testing on Android in the Netherlands and the UK, interested players can go ahead and register themselves for the process ahead.

What are your thoughts on the closed beta launch of Eggy Party: battle royale? Let us know in the comments below.

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Nazih Fares

The game is published by Netease Games in China, Japan, Korea, and SEA nations. The rest of the world, The 4 Winds Entertainment is the publisher, and the game is also called Eggy Party. We’re currently running close beta test in Netherlands and UK.


Hi Nazih,

Thank you for stopping by and sharing the info. We updated the article taking your feedback into the consideration. For any future communication, we would appreciate it if you kindly send an email to for PR/editorial stuff and for business inquiries.

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