NetEase announced ‘Fall Guys’ like mobile game titled Eggy Party for China

Yet another Fall Guys for mobile?

NetEase today announced that they are developing Eggy Party, a fun multiplayer party game. NetEase is one of the largest Chinese Internet technology and game developing company. They are famously known for Badlanders, Marvel Super War, and Eve Echoes. Their new Mobile game Eggy Party is a fun multiplayer party game. The game is still in the development phase but it’s expected to release soon.

About Eggy Party

Eggy Party is a social & competitive game where players take the form of an egg character and compete with others in a platformer battle royale style game to be the last person standing. If you follow the trailer then Fall Guys will most likely come to your mind, as the two are very similar.

Fall Guys will most likely come to mind, as the game is very similar. Not a lot of information is available as the game is still in the development phase. But what we know is Eggy Party has a map creation mode and also includes various social elements to keep the players engaged.

The game allows many people to play together on various maps across various modes, similar to Fall Guys, with the aim for the individual or team to win. NetEase is known to build on the current popular trends and Eggy Party is a step in that direction.

During the second half of 2020, they announced the release date of EVE Echoes and they are also working on ‘Identity V’ and ‘Onmyoji Arena‘. While the game is clearly announced to bank on the popularity of “Fall Guys” in China, the original game’s exclusive mobile publishing rights itself is currently with Bilibili, who plan to release their own game soon

What are your views on NetEase’ strategy on working on the current trends and developing Eggy Party? Let us know in the comments below.

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