NetEase Games unveils T-Minus Zero Entertainment a new game studio in Austin, Texas

The studio is bed By award-winning industry veteran Rich Vogel

NetEase Games is pleased to declare the formation of a fresh game studio in Austin, Texas, named T-Minus Zero Entertainment. This inclusion stands as the newest expansion to the collection of NetEase Games. At the helm of this venture is Rich Vogel, a proficient game developer renowned for inaugurating several studios, notably Sony Online Entertainment Austin, Bioware Austin, and Bethesda Game Studios Austin. Vogel boasts leadership in the development of pioneering multiplayer and service-centric games like Meridian 59, Ultima Online, Star Wars: Galaxies, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

NetEase aims to build a world-class team with global reach by establishing T-Minus Zero Entertainment

T-Minus Zero Entertainment is in the process of creating a third-person action game with a focus on online multiplayer within a sci-fi universe. The primary headquarters of this game development company will be established in Austin, Texas, a prominent technology hub. However, the company follows a remote-first methodology, aiming to fill numerous positions. They are actively searching for skilled game developers who are ready to tackle the challenge of constructing an entirely new intellectual property.

NetEase Games T-Minus Zero Entertainment Rich Vogel
Image via NetEase

The team at T-Minus Zero Entertainment consists of multiple experts from the gaming industry. Among these is Mark Tucker, the Game Director, who brings an extensive 22-year background in design, including roles such as Design Director on Fallout 76, as well as key positions on Doom and Crimson Alliance.

Our studio’s mission is to create epic, immersive worlds where players from around the globe can play together, forming vibrant and passionate communities. The team at NetEase Games shares our vision to create memorable and meaningful experiences, and they have made it a priority to provide the support and creative freedom to allow us to make our dream a reality.

Rich Vogel, studio head of T-Minus Zero Entertainment

Additionally, Jeff Dobson holds the position of Art Director, boasting 26 years of experience highlighted by contributions to Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dragon Age Inquisition, and Mass Effect Andromeda. Also contributing to the team is Scott Malone, Vice President of Operations & Production, bringing a decade of production experience from titles such as Fallout 76, Doom, and The Elder Scrolls Online.

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