Netflix is planning to make an Official Squid Game video game

A video game based on the popular Netflix Show and internet sensation might be a possibility

Netflix might actually be interested in making an actual video game based on Squid Game, their recent show that blew up on the internet and is currently gaining millions of views daily. In an in-depth interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix Asia Pacific’s VP, Minyoung Kim, talked a lot about the show and offered some insight into what they plan to do with it.

We’ve been getting an overwhelming but happy volume of requests from the organization — from the consumer product department, from the gaming group, from our other international teams. My team’s role is to really look at all of those opportunities together, to create that roadmap for the Squid Game IP. We are looking at multiple different areas — from games, consumer products, and others — to really figure out what we can bring to our audiences to increase their affinity towards our content and give them more joy, while staying true to the world that our creator has built.

Netflix Asia Pacific’s VP, Minyoung Kim

Fans might just want a Squid Game video game

For those who haven’t heard of it yet, Squid Game is a show in which a bunch of contestants takes part in different games usually played by children for fun, except losing or winning in the Squid Games is the difference between life and death. A game based on this story would certainly inspire some really fun and engaging experiences.

Netflix Squid Game
Netflix Squid Game

Previous Netflix web series that turned into video games

The cool thing is that the show has already spawned a bunch of fan-made games on platforms like Roblox and Krunker along with dedicated games, so Netflix could surely make the experience better and more polished with the budget they have if they do decide to make a game down the road. This would also tie into Netflix’s current involvement in video games with the launch of their game service for those with memberships on mobile devices. They also already have two Stranger Things games already available on the service, which is still in its infancy.

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