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New State: Mobile April 2023 Update (0.9.48) Patch Notes

Lot of new things coming in April 2023!

Krafton, the developers behind New State Mobile have introduced a lot of updates in the current April 2023 Update. The newest Ace League has been introduced, where survivors can compete against each other during the second half of every season. Battle Royale rules have been applied here too. Along with this new introduction, new Erangel updates, weapon customization updates, Deathmatch updates, and more. Let us break down the April 2023 Update in New State Mobile in detail.

New State Mobile April 2023 Update: Ace League

During the second half of every season, survivors can compete against each other in the ‘Ace League’, in which Battle Royale rules are applied. There are two phases in the ‘Ace League’, which are the Preliminary round, and the Main round. The Ace League opens up 12 days before the end of a season.

Image via Krafton
  • Preliminary round: To join the preliminary round, our tier point must be 3000 (Diamond) or higher, and to join the main round, players should need a main round ticket. Players can qualify for the preliminary round of the Ace League, regardless of play mode or play type. A main round ticket along with Prestige coins will be awarded to those who get first place in the preliminary rounds, which are held for a week.
  • Main round: The main round’s rewards include Prestige Coins and an Ace League Title. One can join as many times and earn as many coins. Prestige Coins can be used to purchase a variety of items from the Prestige Shop, which will be added soon, so please look forward to it.

The schedule and map of the ‘Ace League’ differ by region. Players can find out the detailed schedule at least a day before the League opens, in the map selection screen.


Image via Krafton
  • Avanpost Spot Update: Developers are overhauling Avanpost, a region found only in NEWSTATE’s Erangel along with a new building!
  • Erangel Vehicle Spawn Balance Changes: The vehicles in Erangel have also been updated. Players can ride across the battlefield of Erangel with these new vehicles!

Deathmatch Updates

  • Deathmatch Profile Frame, Frame Effect Display: During Deathmatch, the Profile Frame and the Frame Effect will be displayed, whenever the Profile Image is displayed. One can see the in-game scoreboard, match-end scoreboard, the bottom area of the death cam etc.
  • Changed Target Number of Kills for Team Deathmatch: The kill count objective for Team Deathmatch has been increased from 30 to 40. Based on the feedback and in-game play data analysis, developers have reverted the kill count objective back to 40.

Adjusted Map Rotation Schedule

  • Station (RDM) and Exhibit Hall (TDM) in the Deathmatch category will end.
  • ERANGEL Recruit: Erangel Recruit mode will be closed temporarily for improvements.
  • ARENA KA-BOOM!!: The mode will be closed temporarily for improvements.

New State Mobile April 2023 Update: Gun Customizations, Graveyard (Siege) and Graphics Option Updates

AKM C2 – Double Magazine

Image via Krafton
  • The new C2 Customization option, Double Magazine, will be added. It adds the following changes to the weapon:
    • Increased Magazine capacity (30 ->50).
    • Decreased Reload Speed.

Graveyard (Siege) Changes


  • The map’s mode has been changed from Squad to Solo.
  • Android waves have been revamped for balance reasons.
  • You can no longer fix the inhibitor.
  • Frag Grenades will spawn around the inhibitor.
    • Molotov Cocktails will no longer spawn.
  • Bandages will spawn in the healing item spawn points.
  • More ranking rewards are added.
    • #1: SR/DMR Token
    • #2 – 10: 30 Chicken Medals
    • #11 – 50: 10 Chicken Medals
    • #51 – 100: 5 Chicken Medals
    • Top 5%: 1 BP Box (L)

Graphics Option Updates

  • iOS Optimization: The game has been optimized for iOS devices. iOS device owners can now experience an improved gameplay environment.
    • Improved stability for high FPS.
    • Reduced heat and battery consumption.

These changes are more effective for low-spec devices.

New Season Title Rewards

Image via Krafton
  • ‘Most Kills’, ‘Most Chickens’, and ‘1st Place in Ace League’ Titles are added as new season title rewards. It will be given based on the total kill count and the number of wins in Battle Royale Mode, respectively. Both rankings will reset every season.
  • The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd survivors of ‘Most Kills’, and ‘Most Chickens’ will be given the respective titles and Prestige Coins, which can be used in the upcoming Prestige Shop. For the 4th to 100th survivors, only Prestige Coins will be given.

That’s all about the important changes introduced as a part of the April 2023 Update in New State Mobile. There are other QoL adjustments, More Royale Chests, Survivor Pass Vol.18, other adjustments and Bug Fixes.

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