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New State: Mobile August 2022 Update (0.9.37) Patch Notes

New additions to the game has been added!

New State: Mobile, the futuristic battle-royale game from Krafton has added some major changes in the game with this patch. This comes with the addition of a new sniper rifle, in the form of Lynx AMR, which will be using the 0.50 mm BMG ammunition, which can inflict maximum damage. Attachment changes are made to guns, which will provide an extra added advantage to the existing rifles. Additionally, some fixes have been made to the game’s UI. New State Mobile has also announced a collaboration with Assasins’ Creed. Let us break down the August 2022 Update in New State Mobile in detail, which will include more items in the mix.

New State Mobile August 2022 Update: New weapon and attachments

Lynx AMR

The new sniper rifle, Lynx AMR, has been added to the game. Utilizing the .50 BMG ammunition, Lynx AMR can be obtained from care packages across every map as well as the armory in Chester, Troi. It boasts the highest damage of all snipers in the game.

New State Mobile August 2022 Update Lynx AMR
Image via Krafton

It deals additional damage to vehicles and also has the ability to penetrate vehicles to inflict damage on your enemies. The weapon will come only with 10 bullets, and extra ammunition cannot be acquired from the field or the Drone Store. Lynx AMR can equip only scopes and no other attachments.

New attachments

Attachments are being added to the game, which will give players an added advantage in the game. These new weapon customizations and additions will provide an extra dimension to the game, bringing changes to the whole system of riflery.

new attachments
Image via Krafton
  • The C2 attachment for S1897 has been added, changing its ammunition to Slug ammo. This increases the weapon’s damage but reduces the pellet spread from 9 to 1
  • The C2 attachment for S12K has been added, adding an extended magazine. This increases the weapon’s capacity from 5 to 20 ammo in exchange for a slower reload speed.
  • Mk47 will now be able to attach the grenade launcher.

New State Mobile August 2022 Update: Other Updates

The timing when the armory’s alarm goes off has been changed to 2.5 seconds after opening. Gear will be conditionally provided for players, without any kills in Deathmatch mode has been changed from Lv.3 Gear to the brand-new Lv.4 Gear. There are more out-of-game updates introduced in the update.

  • After this update, only the players who are level 5 and above can send messages on World and Local chat. Players below level 5 will be able to read other players’ messages but will not be able to send their own.
  • Survivor Pass Vol.10 has arrived, with Shy-D from the Dream Runners faction, as the Premium Pass character. Players have to complete all the story missions to obtain Shy-D’s outfit and appearance.

New State Mobile August 2022 Update: New collaboration, New State Labs and more

New State Mobile is collaborating with Assassin’s Creed. Players can enjoy exclusive rewards by completing Assassin’s Creed collab missions. The long-awaited map, in the form of Akinta will be unveiled along with a new game mode, Bounty Royale, which will surely excite players.

New State Mobile August 2022 Update New State Labs launched
Image via Krafton

The developers at Krafton have announced a new feature in the game, known as New State Labs, which will be a new avenue for players to experience Advanced Server in the game, where they will be able to play pre-game content. In case, the servers will not be able to cater to every Survivor in this test, the developers will take the feedback of players and provide this content to everyone very soon.

New fixes

The developers have fixed an issue, where the player abnormally moves position or takes continuous damage when colliding with the tram. The player in a collision will now bounce away from the tram. This change only applies to players.

That’s all for the New State Mobile August 2022 Update. Let us know in the comments below.

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