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New State: Mobile August 2023 Update brings New Lab mode, map changes and more

The developers at Krafton have announced a new August 2023 Patch Update for New State Mobile involving a new Lab mode for the players, changes in the Akinta map, and more. Along with these additions and other changes, there are some weapon customizations and other changes, as well, in New State Mobile. Let us break down these changes in the current patch update.

New State Mobile August 2023 Update: Akinta Map changes

The battleground of AKINTA has been expanded to the northern area, which was previously inaccessible. This led to the birth of two new spots that have been added to the northern area of the map, Temple and Canal. Excavation is ongoing in the Temple, while water is flowing into Canal.

Akinta Map changes
Image via Krafton
  • Special items and supply weapons will spawn in the ruins of the Temple.
  • Some session balance of AKINTA has been adjusted.
  • The size of the first Blue Zone has been slightly expanded, and the time it takes for the Blue Zone to narrow has been increased. Furthermore, the first Blue Zone will be generated more randomly than before.

New mode: Human vs AI

In this new battle royale mode of New State Mobile, players will battle against strong AI models in Akinta to survive till the end. The same rules as the original battle royale will apply to the mode. The goal is to survive till the end. The Blue Zone and item spawn balance will also be the same as the original battle royale.

New State Mobile August 2023 Update Human vs AI
Image via Krafton

As time goes on, the AIs will become stronger. They will use stronger weapons and have more diverse behaviors. The AI’s costumes will also change, as they become more powerful. This will be a ‘one-squad’ mode. Players can earn more BP than in the original battle royale.

New State Mobile August 2023 Update: Gun Customizations and other updates

Savage Barrel will be released as a C2 customization for the SL8. It is an irreplaceable exclusive barrel that will make full auto and flash-hiding features available. Vertical recoil control will be weakened, and a muzzle slot will be unavailable. The amount of Drone Credit spawned in Ace League and Weekly League has been slightly increased. Players can find Prestige Shop on the store screen rather than the play information screen.

Survivor Pass Vol. 22: Dante

The lead character of Survivor Pass Vol. 22 is ‘Dante’ from Dream Runner. Players can get the character for free by reaching a certain pass level. Players can also get Dante’s costume set by upgrading to the Premium Pass, and many more rewards will be given upon purchasing Premium Plus

Once upgraded to Legacy Pass, players can obtain the Steampunk Dame set. All NC consumed will be refunded once you purchase Premium Pass and achieve a certain pass level.

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