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New State: Mobile November 2022 Update (0.9.42) Patch Notes 

New character Carrie McGrath is being added!

With the onset of the month of November 2022, the developers at Krafton have introduced a Patch Update to New State: Mobile. Along with other updates in the month of November, developers have added a new gun along with a change in Battle-royale rules. Let us break down the November 2022 update in detail.

New State Mobile November 2022 Update: BR Rule Changes

New State Mobile November 2022 Update
Image via Krafton
  • If players die before Phase 3 in solo or squad BR modes, they can return to the field one time without the help of their teammates.
  • From Phase 3, the only way one can return is via the Green Flare Gun.
  • Even if everyone dies, they can all return to play once as long as it’s before Phase 3.
  • Returning to the field with this new method will board them on a drone taxi set for a specific route, where players can decide at which point they want to start parachuting.
  • The gear set will be the same for everyone, even if they are returning via the Green Flare Gun.
  • This advantage should be used to play more aggressively in the early game!

A new game mode ‘Shooting Gallery’ has been added, which is aimed at improving the gameplay. The objective is to shoot down, as many targets in a given time, for 3 rounds.

There are three 1 minute rounds in Shooting Gallery. Players can select two guns which they want to play with in the preset. Shooting down two consecutive targets within two seconds will increase the combo, giving them additional points. The rank will be based on the highest score recorded in a single session. Once the season is over, they will receive rewards based on their final rank.

New Gun: SL8

The SL8, which is the new 5.56mm DMR has been added to the game. It boasts high damage numbers while ensuring excellent stability. One can attach different parts to its muzzle, scope, magazine, and stock slots.

New Gun: SL8
Image via Krafton

The Customization [C1] has been added to the SL8, which attaches the Suppressor Barrel, increasing SL8’s damage and adding the suppression effect. However, it reduces the weapon’s recoil control and makes its muzzle slot unavailable.

New State Mobile November 2022 Update: In-game Updates/ Out-game Updates

  • The audio for ally footsteps and enemy footsteps have been differentiated. Developers will continue to add sound-related updates in the future, so, one must be sure to give us feedback.
  • Tiers and prizes will be reset for Bounty Royale. Players will receive rewards based on the number of prizes currently held. One must play for the maximum prize in the upcoming period of Bounty Royale.
  • The Recruit mode of New State Labs has just ended, and changes will be made to it, based on player feedback, before it arrives in the original server. Players should look out for more modes which arrive in New State Labs.

Battle Royale Season 6

Battle Royale Season 6 has now begun, and the tier will reset based on the final tier in Season 5. The Season 6 reward set includes the ultimate-grade parachute for contenders and above. Players should check out all the rewards we have prepared and reach for the highest tier!

Dress Room

Developers have added the Dress Room to the preset screen. Entering the Dress Room will allow players to look at costumes and skins all at once. They can also display a different weapon and vehicle skin for each preset. Their friends will be able to visit the Dress Room and also press Like on a preset they like. One can check how many visitors their Dress Room had and how many likes a preset received. They can set which preset you want to re-enter the field within the Dressing Room. One can try equipping different skins and costumes each time when they re-enter!

Survival Pass Mission changes

New State Mobile November 2022 Update Carrie McGrath
Image via Krafton
  • Developers have adjusted the reward balance for Pass missions to compensate for the Pass levelling difficulty change. SP gains for daily missions have increased, and there are now 7 weekly missions instead of 5. This means players can obtain up to 625 SP, through each week of weekly missions.
  • Each time when they download the Troi and Erangel map data, they will receive 1 Chicken Medal as a reward.
  • Mileage has been added to normal crates as well. Players can obtain mileage rewards by opening a certain amount of normal crates.
  • Tutorials for beginners have been renewed.
  • Survival Pass Vol.13 has been added, featuring GLC’s most powerful member, the infiltration and explosives expert, Carrie McGrath. Players can find out all the secrets hidden within Troi and Akinta with our newest character. Players must complete story missions to obtain Carrie’s appearance.

That’s it for the November 2022 Update in New State Mobile!

That’s all for the New State Mobile November 2022 Update. Let us know in the comments below.

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