Nexon announces KartRider Rush+ Season 8 update ‘City of Gold’

Update includes new Karts, characters, modes, five original tracks and more

Nexon has announced the Season 8 update of their popular racing multiplayer game KartRider Rush+ today in Seoul, South Korea. The “City of Gold” update will include new Karts, characters, and 5 original tracks including “Boulder Dash” (Gold), “Louie’s Dollhouse” (Castle), “Dragon’s Lake” (China), “Falcon’s Reach” (Gold) and “Dino Boneyard” (Jurassic) available for download via Google Play Store.

Upcoming new Karts in Season 8 of KartRider Rush+

The new Kart designs will mirror the new season’s theme and will include:

  • ·Nighthawk Horus – The power of a might god of Egypt
Nighthawk Horus kart KartRider Rush+,
Nighthawk Horus in KartRider Rush+
  • · Lantern Piranha – Filled with speed
Lantern Pirahana KartRider Rush+,
Lantern Piranha in KartRider Rush+
  • · Tiger King – With the mighty power of the King
Tiger King Kart KartRider Rush+,
Tiger King in KartRider Rush+
  • Mantis – The most legendary kart of the season
Mantis Kart KartRider Rush+,
Mantis Kart in KartRider Rush+

Additional updates in KartRider Rush+ Season 8

Additionally, the new KartRider Rush+ Season 8 update will also include a new mode called “ghost mode” in which players will be able to experience the optimal drift without crashing or bumping into other players. Players will also be able to share their memorable racing moments in the “Snapshots Gallery”.

Another new feature “Home Interior” was added to the home system which allows the players to decorate a small room in their home. A new feature called “Teleporter” is also added in the Season 8 update, which enables players to teleport to a 5th racer.

Players can also look forward to an all-new adventure storyline involving the golden temples as well as new characters “Kapa’e” and “Mummy Ethen” (the cutest mummy ever)!

Upcoming events of KartRider Rush+

Nexon will open an event on July 16th to celebrate the update of KartRider Rush+, during which players will be able to obtain the “Kapa’e” code by collecting shards while playing certain missions. For more details and information on KartRider Rush+, please visit the official website and communities (Twitter, Facebook).

Are you excited for the Season 8 update of KartRider Rush+ ? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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