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Noah’s Heart: In-depth look at the game’s best features

These are what makes the game a top-notch choice!

For a while, Genshin Impact has stood pretty much alone in its ivory tower, but Noah’s Heart is set to take its place as the ultimate console-quality open-world RPG on mobile. Developed by Archosaur Games – the team behind Dragon Raja – Noah’s Heart is a gorgeous, sprawling next-gen RPG that features an entire fantasy planet to traverse. Planet Noah is a rich, diverse environment packed with different terrains, characters, and secrets to discover.

It’s all seamlessly stitched together, too. There are no boundaries or limitations, leaving you free to explore every inch of the game, armed with whatever weapons you feel like using and looking however you want to look thanks to the game’s powerful character customization tool.

There’s so much going on in Noah’s Heart, in fact, that it’s worth picking out a handful of the game’s best features and popping them under the magnifying glass.

Explore Planet Noah

Circumnavigate” is not a word you get to use often as a games journalist, but Noah’s Heart lets you do just that. Planet Noah, where the game is set, is a fully-fledged, spherical planet, complete with continents, islands, and various different biomes. You know, like Earth.

Noah's Heart, Noah's Heart features
Image via Archosaur Games

You can spend time in the frozen, barren environment of a mountaintop one minute, and bask in the lushness of the open countryside the next. There are cities, too, bustling with color and life, and other environments besides. Each one contains its own quests, secrets, and wildlife, ensuring that you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied even if you never get around to the main campaign. 

Grappling Hook

Noah’s Heart gives you a lot of ways to traverse its sprawling landmass, as well as its endless expanses of ocean. You can ride a horse, drive a car, ride a motorcycle, sail on a ship, hitch a ride on a train, and more. 

There’s even a jetpack, allowing you to hover and glide over every single inch of the map. This in itself is a pretty badass means of getting around, but our favorite has to be the grappling hook. 

Noah's Heart, Noah's Heart horses Noah’s Heart features Noah’s Heart features
Image via Archosaur Games

Like the grappling hook in the awesome Just Cause games, the hook in Noah’s Heart lets you cover lots of ground quickly and launch yourself up to high places, such as trees and rooftops. You can even grapple from mid-air, allowing you to come out of a glide and land in a tree. 

But the real beauty of the grappling hook is its versatility. Not only is it a means of transport, but it’s a weapon too. You can use your hook during battle to zip yourself right up close to your opponent for a swift attack. Or, if the situation calls for an evasive maneuver, you can use it to reach safety in the blink of an eye. 

Introducing the Phantoms

Like Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild, Noah’s Heart is a game with a single hero – except you define what this hero looks like at the outset.  But it’s also a free-to-play gacha RPG, which means you can summon additional warriors and form parties. Through an ingenious Phantom system. Your Phantoms are characters that you can summon, level up, and be equipped to help you in battle. Like units in a standard tactical RPG, Phantoms all have their own elemental affinities, weapons, and skills. 

Noah's Heart, Noah's Heart phantoms
Image via Archosaur Games

The difference is that equipping a Phantom dictate what your main character can do in battle. You can take a team of four Phantoms into battle with you, and you can have up to six teams in your figurative barracks, lined up and ready to roll. 

The key to success lies in creating the most effective possible combinations of Phantoms. Different combinations will be effective in different situations, so it’s always a good idea to experiment. 

The game offers replayability with unlimited stuff to do

Noah’s Heart has all the gameplay features you’d expect to find in a contemporary mobile RPG. There are bosses to fight, area missions to complete, NPC encounters, arena battles, and all that good stuff. 

Noah's Heart, Noah's Heart gameplay
Image via Archosaur Games

But that’s not half of it. Planet Noah is a living, breathing world, packed with wildlife and crafting materials. You can spend endless hours doing wholesome things like photographing animals, taming horses, catching insects, making clothes, mining, fishing, hunting, and helping your village to thrive. 

It’s a little bit Breath of the Wild, a little bit Genshin Impact, and a little bit Stardew Valley. If you don’t feel like doing any of those things you can team up with friends to kill monsters and raid dungeons. Or you can follow the storyline, speaking to NPCs and picking up quests along the way. 

However you choose to spend your time in Noah’s Heart, it’s sure to be time well spent. This latest epic RPG from Archosaur Games is shaping up to be the genre’s most ambitious, inventive, and visually impressive entry. Check out Noah’s Heart for yourself by clicking here or visiting the official website for more information.

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