Out of Hands is a Card-based Psychological Thriller game, announced by XD Inc.

Can you connect the Dots in this Dark and Twisted Dream made ‘Out of Hands’?

Out of Hands, the latest mobile game from independent publisher XD Inc. has been announced and has released an announcement trailer which is now available. Out of Hands is a psychological thriller that combines card games, video collages, and surreal storytelling to create a digital representation of internal problems.

Out of Hands is a psychological thriller that blends card games and spooky live-action visuals

In a 48-hour game jam held around capture in 2021, the idea for Out of Hands emerged, and its early prototype won awards for Best Game and Best Creative Direction. Yang, the game’s creator, has said that the game is a personal reflection of his over ten-year struggle as a solo developer to capture reality and the resulting dissociation.

Image via XD Inc.

With the addition of live-action graphics, Out of Hands adopts a risky strategy: the main character and the majority of the in-game objects are animated using real-life images of Yang’s hands. The player must navigate through a series of unfavorable feelings and deeply suppressed memories to escape back to reality after finding that shaky hands and wiggling fingers have taken on a life of their own in this terrifying dream world.

Use your hands to interact with item cards and save the heart from danger; launch deadly strikes against Remorse by using objects like rulers, pens, and erasers to prevent Panic’s harm. Every conscious win will start to chip away at the inner demons as emotions get progressively more complex to keep the gamer on their toes.

Out of Hands does not yet have a release date, but XD has stated that a playable demo will be accessible during the forthcoming Steam Next Fest in October 2022. Meanwhile, players can join the official Discord and follow the game on Twitter if they want to stay up to speed with the newest development news.

Are you excited as Out of Hands has been announced by XD Inc.? Let us know in the comments below!

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