OverHit by Nexon is being terminated globally this July

Nexon has dropped another news regarding the termination of one of its games. The popular action RPG OverHit, developed by team Nexon has officially announced its termination. This news was announced in the official Facebook Page of OverHit. Termination of service will be in two months, confirmed the team. This has created a lot of buzz in the active players.

This is not their first termination of global service for any of their games. In October, 2019, Nexon shocked its fans by announcing the complete shutdown of Durango Wildlands. It started from the beta phase in 2016. The global release was in the summer of 2019. However, after few months of its release, the game was shutdown in December. Two games getting shutdown after the release withing 6 months have made players doubt the credibility of Nexon games.

About OverHit

OverHit is a popular action Role Playing Game. The game was first launched in 2018 and was published by Nexon Korea. It is an interactive game, where players can interact in their Guilds and could play with them. Currently, there are around 200 thousand active players of the game. OverHit has 1 Million downloads on PlayStore.

What the team said

We are most regrettable to deliver you the news that the global service of Overhit will be terminated on 14th July. It is with our heavy heart to deliver such news despite your continued support and love towards Overhit. Throughout the year, the Overhit team has worked in many ways to provide you with better game experience and great pleasure. However, after a series of discussions and consideration, we have come to this tough decision as we find it difficult to maintain adequate service.

Till what date can you access the game?

The complete game account to termination on 14th July, 2020. After this date, you can neither download the game nor play it, even if it is already installed. As far as in-app purchases are concerned, you can’t purchase any item after maintenance on 14th May.

Credible reasons behind the shutting down of OverHit

While officially there hasn’t been any information about this by the development team, there has been lot of talks happening on why the game was forced to stop. One good argument is the repetitive events. The events where not exciting, had the same set of rewards. Another major reason is that players often complaining how costly the in-game items were. Since launch, the game gems were costly. Every event or deals used to cost a lot of money, thus ‘greed killed the game’, say most of its loyal fans.

Closing this game down when it still has an active player base wasn’t a good idea by Nexon. They could have come up with a good market system to keep the game running. If this was for something big in the future, sure be it.

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