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Durango Wildlands is shutting down permanently in this December

Bad news for the Mobile gamers as Durango Wildlands is shutting down permanently in December 2019. Nexon, the developer of this massively popular game recently announced on their official facebook page about it blowing the players with a big surprise.

History of Durango Wildlands

Started in winter 2016 as a beta, Durango Wildlands servers were limited to a few Asian countries. In 2018, the game added few more countries to its list. And finally, in summer 2019, Durango Wildlands became globally available. But just after a few months of its release, the game is shutting down. What caused the developer team to take this big decision, none knows. But it is certainly a bad moment for the gamers to see this game closing down.

Probable reasons behind the shutting down of the game

What caused the game to shut down its service permanently is unknown. But it is surely an unsustainable business model. Although the game had a pretty good players base (over 12 Million downloads in 229 countries) still it could not sustain. Probably the game took too much time during the beta period and the competitors like “Last day on Earth” and the clones were able to capture the market on this same concept. And by the time the game goes for the global release, the money spenders were moved to other games. Durango Wildlands is original in its concept but a bad move caused the death of it.

Greetings, Pioneers.
It is with sadness that we announce to all pioneers that the game service of Durango: Wild Lands will be terminated on December 18, 2019 (UTC+9)

durango wildlands shutting down

Here is the official goodbye note that Durango Wildlands team posted on Facebook,

Dear fellow pioneers,We are Eunseok Yi (Executive Producer of What!Studio) and Seungmyeong Yang (Producer of Durango:…

Posted by Durango: Wild Lands on Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Have you ever played Durango Wildlands? If yes, let us know your memories about the game and your reactions (Durango Wildlands shutting down) in the comments below.

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Mackenzee Love
Mackenzee Love

Even though I only played for a few months, Durango was the greatest game to ever come on my phone. There are no other games like it and it drives me insane to know that somehow there was competition with it that got it shut down. I made friends that I could actually talk to instead of go terrorize their kingdoms or something. I could run around and actually have a character with my personality and appearance. I had a place to live and build it however I pleased, and tame dinosaurs to help me explore and fight. There is… Read more »

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