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Panilla Saga: The retro idle RPG is set to release on Android and iOS on October 26

Become the Hero of Prophecy and save a new world

Panilla Saga, a classic real-time RPG, will soon release on mobile devices in North America, South America, Europe, and Oceania, says developer Ujoygames. This mobile fantasy RPG is now being played by over a million gamers. Players that are up for the challenge may pre-register for the release on October 26, 2022.

Panilla Saga offers amazing pre-registration rewards and unique features

Here are the key features of the Panilla Saga game which players can enjoy when it releases for mobile devices later next month:

  • Abundant Rewards: Gain resources through automatic battle even after being offline. When players are online again, they can easily access all accumulated resources through a simple tap on the screen
  • Diverse Gameplay: Players will have the freedom of choice to choose from nearly 100 heroes from six different classes such as Tank, Ranger, Warrior, Support, Mage, and Fighter. 
  • Nonstop Battle System: Play anytime and anywhere! There will be a real-time 5v5 auto-battle system available. Players will be able to collect rewards even while they are offline. 
  • Time Singular Point: Get ready for roguelike-level challenging gameplay. Different levels will raise the difficulty of battles, but there will be better rewards for harder battles.
  • Tower of Time: This is a well-designed puzzle-solving exploration mode where each chapter has a unique plot for specific characters. Use this mode to unlock special hero skills. 
  • Retro Art Style: Enjoy a retro style aesthetic that is portrayed in the colorful backgrounds featured in the game, character portraits, and character sprites.
Panilla Saga Hero archive
Image via Ujoy Games

All players who pre-register for Panilla Saga will be able to receive the following rewards:

  • SSR Aurthur – A warrior who lives on the battlefield and is the Reaper of Iris. SSR Authur belongs to the Knights Alliance Faction
  • 10 Gold Summon Voucher – these can be used to summon heroes in the Regular Summon
  • 500 Diamonds – the value of diamonds never expire. They are often used as a premium currency
  • 60 Silver Hero Cards – Collect 60 of these cards to redeem a random [Rare] hero
  • 1,000,000 Coins – Coins are a common currency that will be used in multiple ways

Become the Hero of Prophecy and save Panilla in this adventure

Prepare for a grand adventure in the Panilla universe. Before it was taken from the inhabitants and destroyed in the flames of conflict, this world was a place of peace and harmony. Players in this dragon and warrior tale must save Panilla from the powers of evil.

Strategically assembling a team of five heroes, each with strong abilities to aid on the battlefield, is essential to success. To raise their heroes’ star ratings, players must gather pieces. As a result, their heroes will get stronger and get access to new talents. Players can select from six different classes of heroes to assist them to come up with the best plan of attack.

The way a player assembles a fighting group will depend in part on the player’s faction choices. There are six factions, and the conflict will highlight the distinct histories and characteristics of each. Heroes from various factions will possess the unique component of each unit.

Every faction will have vulnerabilities, and it will be up to the player to identify those flaws, combine factions, and defeat the opposition with a tactically sound team. Players can pre-register for Panilla Saga on Google Play and App Store.

Are you excited as Panilla Saga is set to release on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below!

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