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Path of Rune is an upcoming open-world sandbox RPG that is inspired by The Legend of Zelda

Embrace the adventures with Path of Rune!

Path of Rune is a new upcoming open-world sandbox RPG title brought to you by LeekBox Studio that will be made available for players on both Android and iOS alongside PC. The developers have rolled out forms for participation in the closed beta tests, interested players can fill up the questionnaires to stand a chance for participation in the closed beta test. For now, the game is exclusive to China, however, a global release is expected to follow up soon after the China launch.

Path of Rune aims to deliver an experience inspired by another famous title The Legend of Zelda

The game, Path of Rune, just like the Legend of Zelda will offer a unique experience where players will be required to undo the damage caused upon the world and restore the society from the very block. The game will aim to deliver an experience close to Zelda and will allow players to have freedom in the game in terms of exploration and narration.

In the distant future, human civilization is on the brink of getting over, the destroyed planet is being rebuilt, human beings are not the strongest species, and highly developed AI sits firmly at the top of the food chain. Human will is imprisoned in the world of Norse gods created by AI without knowing it.

Path of Rune open-world RPG, Path of Rune
Image via LeekBox Studio

The game adds a true sense to the post-apocalyptic feeling by adding the element of survival to the game. Players have to manage their resources, weapons and even build their houses to make sure they can survive in the game.

Path of Rune will provide immense freedom in the game to narrate the progression according to the players

Being a sandbox RPG, the game will give a free hand to the players and fans to let their imagination run loose and have a tailor-fitted experience according to their liking. The game will feature a free-to-construct mode where players will be able to be the master of this world and hence could build their own city, fortress, or manor on the boundless land.

The sky will be the limit with Path of Rune, players will also be able to make their own mechanical units such as flying machines, vehicles, and mechanical assistants. All they will have to do is explore the world and collect the resources. The game looks huge and equally promising, it will be really interesting to see how well-optimized it will be for mobile devices though.

When will Path of Runes release globally

Path of Rune open-world RPG, Path of Rune
Image via LeekBox Studio

No release date has been announced yet however, interested players can fill up the questionnaire to stand a chance to participate in the China closed beta test which is expected to happen in Q4 2023. A global release for Path of Runes is expected to follow up after the game launches in China. The game will be made available on both Android and iOS alongside PC.

What are your thoughts on the new open-world RPG Path of Rune getting ready for a closed beta test? Let us know in the comments below!

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