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Path to Nowhere Raging Sands event brings two new characters and other in-game items

Path to Nowhere, the mobile tactical tower defense role-playing by AISNO Games, has released the Raging Sands event. In addition to special in-game items, log-in awards, and other things, players may look forward to welcoming two new characters into the fray.

Path to Nowhere tells the story of a chief in the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control who is assigned to fight ruthless criminals in order to protect the city named DisCity which means “rise above hell” previously this city has become the most prosperous and vibrant metropolis in the world.

Players will get to play with two new Sinners adding to the roster of available characters

Chiefs in Path to Nowhere may anticipate a trip into the hostile desert from November 10 to November 24 thanks to two brand-new Sinners to Arrest and a number of limited-time activities. While Endura A Rank Kawa-kawa will be completely free to players if they complete specific event challenges, Arcane S Rank Stargazer will be prominently featured in her own rate-up banner.

Different tactical roles and battlefield matchups are made possible by the variety of Sinner classes in Path to Nowhere, allowing players to enjoy devising the most intricate plans. The secretive assassin Bai Yi‘s lightning-fast swordsmanship will be a fantastic alternative for gamers that prioritize swift kills in combat. Bai Yi’s ultimate skill, Instant Kill, allows her to instantly kill scores of foes. On the defensive, Sinner Hella possesses healing and regeneration abilities that allow her to recover from severe wounds that would have ended the conflict for many others.

Path to Nowhere Raging Sands event
Image via AISNO Games

Along with these two Sinners, gamers may also get their hands on great in-game gifts from the Supply Office, like a unique avatar frame, Hypercubes, and new clothing. With your team of Sinners at your side, it is your responsibility as the Chief of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control (M.B.C.C.) to put the pieces of a world in disarray back together.

What are your thoughts on the Path to Nowhere Raging Sands event? Let us know in the comments below!

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