PAYDAY: Crime War is making a return with Starbreeze signing a deal with PopReach

Originally shut down in 2019, the game is finally making a return!

Good news for mobile gaming enthusiasts as developers PopReach corporation and Starbreeze studios joined hands to revive and return of the supposedly dead PAYDAY: Crime War, a spin-off mobile version of the popular AAA first-person shooter PAYDAY. Payday: Crime War never made it past the open beta stage and due to financial turmoil, developers Starbreeze Studios shut down development for the game way back in the year 2019 leaving fans disappointed. This announcement via the official dev blog, after a 2-year gap, would surely be welcome for many casual gamers who are looking for a more simplified version of PAYDAY that can be played on the go.

The return of PAYDAY

PAYDAY is a popular video game franchise that first debuted in the year 2011 with the launch of Payday: The Heist on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game was a commercial success selling over 700,000 copies within the first year of its launch and prompted developers to release the sequel Payday 2 in 2013.

PAYDAY 2 boasted a host of new features and graphical enhancements and has a decent player base to this day, with an average of around 25,000 players on a daily basis on Steam alone. The game was also released for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox One.

Payday: Crime War, sadly had never crossed the beta stage and was put on hold after the developers Starbreeze had to put the development to a halt when things went south financially. Now with the new deal in place, Starbreeze with the partnership of PopReach Corporation is set to relaunch the spinoff title in the mobile gaming industry. and expand the Payday verse. It is also mentioned in the official dev blog that Starbreeze will retain all the IP rights of the title.

It’s an exciting time for all of us at Starbreeze, during the last month we’ve changed the trajectory for the company by securing deals around the PAYDAY IP. We look forward to working with PopReach to ensure that PAYDAY Crime War brings the same action-packed gameplay our players and community already know and love to mobile devices

Tobias Sjögren, CEO of Starbreeze

When will PAYDAY: Crime war release again

PAYDAY: Crime War was set to be the franchise’s debut in the mobile gaming scene. It was meant to be a 4v4 multiplayer shooter where players could take control of either robbers or police officers. Robbers would try to steal the cash while police officers would act as defenders and try to stop them.

Although the game looked promising, as discussed earlier, financial problems forced the game to fall into limbo and eventually cancellation, until now. With the new partnership, the community can expect a global release sometime soon. Additionally, Payday 3 is also releasing sometime in 2022/2023, fans of the franchise have a lot of exciting news to look forward to in the future.

Are you excited on the revival and return of PAYDAY: Crime War from Starbreeze Studios? Let us know in the comments section below.

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