Play Together brings Spring inspired content update to celebrate Spring 2023

Spring in Play Together awaits!

The warm spring season has begun for the mobile casual social network game “Play Together,” with a new update to celebrate spring 2023, according to mobile game developer HAEGIN.

Collect Cherry Blossom Petals and craft cherry blossom-themed furniture

Kaia Island has turned pink with cherry blossoms. Events like the “Build-A-Cherry Blossom Mission” enable players to complete missions to accumulate a set of cherry blossom-themed costumes.

Using bug nets, you can gather the “Cherry Blossom Petals” that fall from the heavens during this update. The Kaia Workshop offers a variety of furnishings with cherry blossom themes that can be made using these special petals. For a brief period, while the cherry blossom trees are present, these items of furniture can be created.

Play Together brings new pet Fox and Cherry Blossom Attendance event with the Spring 2023 update

The game now has proud yet charming “Fox” pets as well. The “Fox Egg” next to NPC “Ms. Balloon” in the Plaza region offers access to these new pets. Residents who take care of the egg will be able to adopt one of the four possible Fox pets when it hatches. The legendary “Cherry Fox” pet will (with a very low chance) be given to lucky residents.

When presence is verified each day, the “Cherry Blossom Attendance” event offers a Themed Draw Ticket and Cherry Blossom Hairpin as rewards. To commemorate the impending second anniversary of “Play Together” at the Gift Calendar, the NPCs of Kaia Island have prepared special gifts.

For rewards, including sprout-themed costume pieces, a scooter (vehicle), and a home one can live in, residents of Kaia Island must complete tasks that take seven days to complete. In addition, beginning on April 7th, a brand-new home category called the “Sky Isle” will be accessible.

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