Pokémon Go could be adding intrusive ads to the game, reveals leak

New tweet reveals pop ups which might get into the game in next update

A new leak has supposedly released data-mined information about the next update of Pokémon Go which has revealed that new ads may be added to the game. Advertisements were already present in the game, but these ads could be intrusive and come in the form of popups that clutter the players’ screen while playing Pokémon Go.

The leak has originated from the Twitter account PokeMiners, which released the ads alongside other new assets being added to Pokémon Go. According to the tweet, the ad assets are all for Google AdMob popups. These ads are the typical pop-up ads that can be found in most mobile games and if consistent with other games, will appear on players’ screens frequently and randomly.

Pokémon Go intrusive ads: Twitter users hold differing views

Users on Twitter have varied opinions on the idea of intrusive ads in Pokémon Go, and the comment section below the PokeMiners’ tweet was quickly overtaken by users airing opinions and frustrations. Many of the users felt that the game was already monetized enough and complained that it didn’t need any more ads. Other users threatened to uninstall or quit the game if the ads were added to the game.

Some users fear that these assets are leading to the addition of video advertisements and subscription-based services. Some of them are also wondering how intrusive these ads would really be and had hoped that the ads would give optional benefits in Pokémon Go which players could ignore.

Players are happy with the current advertisement system 

Players in Pokémon Go were happy until this point by the way the game handled its advertisements. Many of the in-game advertisements gave cosmetic accessories for players, such as branded clothes, sponsored Poké-Stops, and ad balloons. The difference between these advertisements and the leaked ads is that the ads currently in the game provide players with rewards and don’t disrupt the gaming experience but if these new intrusive ads do indeed get added to the game, catching Pokémon or going into battles would become a very tedious task and reduce immersion for players.

Pokémon Go intrusive ads
The current ad-free gameplay in Pokémon Go

However, this is just datamined information and there is a high chance that these ads will not be added to the game at the end. It may be possible that the information is false or inaccurate. But if these add to get added at a later date, there is a chance that Niantic would go back on their decision if enough players would protest against it.

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