Pokémon UNITE update: Lunar New Year event, Lucario nerf, and more

Minor balance changes and new events!

The Pokemon Company has pushed a new round of balance changes and exciting Lunar New Year events with Pokémon UNITE update patch update on January 26, 2022. With these new events, the game is allowing players to have free items and a permanent Pokémon UNITE license.

Pokémon UNITE update patch notes: Balance Changes

Lucario (Nerfed)

Pokemon Unite Lucario
Pokemon Unite Lucario (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Not sure what is going on here but the fan-favorite Lucario is getting a lot of nerfs lately. It got another small nerf with this new patch.

  • Close Combat: No longer triggers multiple healing effects when hitting multiple Pokemon

Garchomp (Nerfed)

  • Dig: Status increases have been reduced

Decidueye (Adjusted)

  • General bug fixes

New language support

With this new Pokémon UNITE update, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian will be usable in the game. So players from these regions can enjoy the games in their own regional flavor.

Pokémon UNITE Lunar New Year event

Pokémon UNITE update, Pokemon UNITE lunar New Year event 2022
Image via The Pokemon Company

With the Chinese New Year around the corner, Pokémon UNITE patch update has added an exclusive event for the fans where they can log in every day and claim rewards. The login event is going to run for 4 weeks giving a variety of rewards.

Here are the rewards that you can accumulate simply for everyday login in the first week

  • Day 1: Rental Fashion Selection Box, Celebration Gift x1
  • Day 3: Limited License Selection Box, Celebration Gift x 2
  • Day 5: Aeos Tickets x 200, Celebration Gift x 3
  • Day 7: Limited License Selection Box, Celebration Gift x 4

How to get a permanent Fasion item (dress set) for free from the Lunar New Year event

With these everyday login rewards, players can gather a total of 10 Celebration Gifts in 7 days. And that is sufficient to redeem Fashion Selection Box + 3000 Aeos Tickets. The Fashion Selection Box comes with Slowpoke Set, Magician Set, Firefighter Set, and Stakeout Set. Players will be allowed to choose only one from them. And this will be permanently added to the player’s closet.

Pokemon Unite lunar new year event 2022
Image via The Pokemon Company

How to get a permanent Pokemon UNITE license for free from the Lunar New Year event

To get a free Pokemon UNITE license from the Lunar New Year event, the player will need to redeem the Unite License Selection Box + 6000 Aeos Ticket. And for that, the player will need to collect a total of 14 Celebration Gifts. Each week will allow players to collect up to 10 celebration Gifts. So the players will have ample time to redeem the permanent Pokemon UNITE license.

If the login rewards remain the same and the game allows players to redeem boxes more than once, then according to the calculation, the player will be able to get 2 permanent Pokemon UNITE licenses as well as a Fashion Item set for free. Here are the calculations,

10 Celebration Gifts each week x 4 = 40 Celebration Gifts. 14 Celebration Gifts are required for 1 Unite Selection Box or 10 Celebration Gifts for 1 Fashion Selection Box. So (14 x 2) + 10 = 38 celebration Gifts will be used for getting 2 permanent Pokemon UNITE licenses and a Fashion Item set for free!

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