Pokémon Unite Halloween Event 2022: Halloween-themed costumes, accessories and how to get them

New missions and rewards on the way!

The long wait for an event is finally over for the Pokemon Unite MOBA fans, as the Unite Halloween events are back in the game in 2022, after the recent update. The change in the lobby screen and a spooky feel overall has truly spread the essence of the Halloween week in the game. In this Pokemon Unite Halloween Event Guide, we have discussed and guided the gamers on how to complete the event as fast as possible with the minimum of fuss. The event has 3 parts. We have covered all of them for you.

Pokémon Unite Halloween in Mer Stadium: Event Duration

  • Start: 27th of October, 2022
  • End: 17th of November, 2022, at 12 AM UTC

Halloween in Mer Stadium Event: Daily Login Bonus

Log in daily for 10 days to receive these rewards at the earliest. Kindly note that some of the rewards from this are actually repeated from the last year’s Halloween event. Hence, they might receive Aeos Tickets instead if they already own a certain reward from before.

Pokémon Unite Halloween Event 2022
Image via The Pokémon Company

Halloween Log-in Bonus (Day-by-day Login bonus)

DayReward 1Reward 2
1Halloween Pumpkin StickerAeos Tickets x50
2Snapshot BackgroundAeos Tickets x50
3Snapshot FrameAeos Tickets x50
4Pointed Halloween HatAeos Tickets x50
5Halloween Pumpin MaskAeos Tickets x50
61-day Aeos Coin Boost CardAeos Tickets x50
72-day Aeos Coin Boost CardAeos Tickets x50
87-day Aeos Coin Boost CardAeos Tickets x50
9Extra Energy TankAeos Tickets x50
10Energy Boost TankAeos Tickets x50

Halloween in Mer Stadium Challenge: Missions

Although this event is mentioned at the last of the list, this is the actual part where players can earn Pumpkins for further rewards. There are 2 divisions in this subpart, which include Daily Missions and Repeatable Missions. The daily Missions reset daily, but the other one repeats itself only after they would complete it 1 time. Hence, there are ample opportunities to earn the pumpkins for this Halloween Event, which would, later on, help them to gain rewards.

Challenge missions
Image via The Pokémon Company

Daily Missions

Participate in 1 Halloween in Mer Stadium Battle20
Win 1 Halloween in Mer Stadium Battle20
Put pumpkin on Pokemon’s head 5 times20
After Putting Pumpkin on them, hit them with Pumpkin Tackle 3 times20
Participate in 1 Halloween in Mer Stadium Battle with a friend20

Repeatable Missions

MissionsPumpkin Points
Participate in 1 Halloween in Mer Stadium Battle20
Win a Ranked match30
Participate in a Battle in Auroma Park20
Participate in a catch ’em battle20
Participate in a Battle in Shivre City20
Participate in a Battle in Mer Stadium20
Participate in a ranked match 1 time20
Participate in 1 Standard Battle20
Win 1 Halloween in Mer Stadium Battle50

Players can complete these missions daily, in order to obtain maximum Pumpkin Points at the earliest.

Halloween in Mer Stadium Challenge: Rewards

One must receive the rewards from this event, only according to the Pumpkin Points they have earned. As they climb up the hierarchy of the Pumpkin Points received, they would be able to claim the following rewards:

Pokémon Unite Halloween Event 2022
Image via The Pokémon Company
Pumpkin pointsReward 1Reward 2Reward 3
50Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
100Extra Energy TankAeos Tickets x50 
150Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
2007-day battle Point Boost CardAeos Tickets x50 
250Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
300Snapshot Frame (Halloween)Aeos Tickets x50 
400Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
500Snapshot Background (Halloween)Aeos Tickets x50 
600Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
700Energy Boost TankAeos Tickets x50 
800Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
1000Aeos Tickets x50Snapshot Sticker (costume Party) 
1200Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
14007-day Aeos Coin Boost CardAeos Tickets x50 
1600Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
1800Aeos Tickets x50  
2000Aeos Tickets x200Item Enhancer x20Cinderace Halloween Mask
2400Aeos Tickets x50  
2800Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
3200Aeos Tickets x50Snapshot Sticker (costume Party) 
3600Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
4000Aeos Tickets x50Snapshot Sticker (costume Party) 
4500Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
5000Aeos Tickets x50  
5500Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
6000Aeos Tickets x50  
6500Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
7000Aeos Tickets x50  
7500Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
8000Aeos Tickets x50  
8500Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
9000Aeos Tickets x50  
9500Aeos Tickets x50Item Enhancer x5 
10000Aeos Tickets x50  

Pokemon Unite Halloween Event 2022- Battle in the Mer Stadium: Tips and Tricks

  • Firstly, try to log in every day without fail, so as to obtain the log-in rewards
  • Also, play as many Mer Stadium Halloween battles as possible. Those are fun to play and end quickly.
  • Try to play with friends so as to complete objectives and also for a better experience.
  • The Mer Stadium map is separately available too, don’t forget to play at least once in that, because it is also a mission objective.
  • Finally, don’t forget to refer to our Halloween Mer Stadium guide to know how to deal with the pumpkins.

Final Thoughts

A much-anticipated event finally arrived in the game. Don’t forget to keep the said points in your mind and obtain all the Halloween-themed rewards in no time. For those thinking the Aeos Tickets as rewards are useless, do check the Pokemon Unite shop, for new trainer costumes, that can be bought in exchange for Aeos Tickets to change their minds.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Unite Halloween Event 2022? Let us know in the comment section below!

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