Pokémon Unite leaks reveal movesets of upcoming Support, Clefable

New leaks have surfaced for the upcoming Pokémon!

Finally, a Support Pokémon is indeed arriving in Pokémon Unite MOBA. After the game had officially announced Clefable‘s arrival on the roster, many have started wondering about the possible movesets it might come with. However, as usual, the reliable Pokémon Unite Datamine leaker, ElChicoEevee has provided the movesets leaks of Clefable, who is the first Pokémon to arrive in the month of October 2022.

After the move of Halloween-Pokémon Sableye and Zoroark came to light, let us take a lookout at the moves of Clefairy and Clefable, as per the leaks. Players must remember that these moves have also arrived in the Public Test Server, a place where you may try them out too.

Pokémon Unite Leaks: Clefable movesets

The following movesets are the Passive and the corresponding abilities of Clefable.

Passive- Magic Guard

The Pokémon receives a shield effect when it restores any ally Pokémon’s HP. The strength of this shield is proportional to the amount of HP restored. A kind of ability that actually encourages one to support others.

Ability 1- Heal Pulse

Clefairy Clefable Pokemon Unite Cover, Pokémon Unite leaked Clefairy movesets
Image via The Pokémon Company
  • CD: 7 seconds

This Psychic-type move has the player immediately restore HP to itself and nearby ally Pokémon.

Ability 1 Upgrades

This non-damaging Fairy-type move has the user continually restore HP to itself and nearby ally Pokémon for a short time. The user’s movement speed is increased while this move is active. CD: 9 secondsThis Fairy-type move has the user attack nearby opposing Pokémon with an energy-draining kiss. Each opposing Pokémon hit by the kiss receives damage and releases an air kiss.

These air kisses will travel to the user’s nearby ally Pokémon with the lowest HP and restore that Pokémon’s HP. If no ally Pokémon are near the user, the air kisses will return to the user and restore its HP. CD: 7 seconds
Upgrade: Widens this move’s area of effect and increases the duration of its effects.Upgrade: Widens this move’s area of effect and increases the amount of HP it restores.

Ability 2- Disarming Voice

Clefairy Clefable Pokemon Unite Cover, Pokémon Unite leaked Clefairy movesets
Image via The Pokémon Company
  • CD: 9 seconds

Another Fairy-type moveset, which has been leaked in Pokémon Unite makes Clefable let out a charming cry, dealing damage to nearby opposing Pokémon and decreasing their movement speed for a short time.

Ability 2 Upgrades

This non-damaging Psychic-type move makes the user create a gravity zone centered on itself that persists for a set amount of time. Inside the gravity zone, the user’s basic attacks change and deal increased damage. Opposing Pokémon in the gravity zone have their movement speed decreased, with this movement speed decreasing effect becoming stronger whenever a set amount of time passes.

These opposing Pokémon are also unable to use dash moves. If an opposing Pokémon attempts to enter the gravity zone with a dash move, the dash move is stopped and that Pokémon is left unable to act for a short time.
CD: 8.5 seconds
Probably Clefable’s most famous move from the anime, has the user move to the designated location while waving its finger, drawing the attention of opposing Pokémon it touches and opposing Pokémon near the designated location.

Affected opposing Pokémon are forced to approach the user for a short time and attack it with their basic attacks. When this move is used, the user receives a shield effect. CD: 10 seconds
Upgrade: Widens this move’s area of effect and increases the duration of its effects.Upgrade: Increases the user’s Defense and Sp. Def when this move is used.

Unite Move: Wonder Wish

  • CD: 1.000 seconds

Clefable’s Unite move has it waggle its finger, restoring HP to ally Pokémon in the area of effect. The lower an ally Pokémon’s HP is, the more HP this move restores to that ally. Afterwards, the user gets a random move that it can perform by using its Unite Move again within a set amount of time. It is to be noted that some random moves will activate immediately.

Probable Moves List: Close Combat – Hyper Beam – Block – Hydro Pump – Fly. Hence, Clefable is having 6 Unite Moves overall. No wonder it would be fun to play with.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, Clefable would be an outstanding Supporter with its Hindrance and Healing moves. Support mains are surely waiting eagerly for its arrival. Also, it would be one of the rarest of occasions, where Unite players would be getting 2 supporters in 1 month, with Sableye being the other. Do keep following our Pokemon Unite News and guides for further information.

What are your thoughts on the leaks of the movesets of Clefable in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!!

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