Pokémon Unite: Survey shows PvE features might arrive in the future

The new mode might feature regions of the Pokémon universe

After the debut of Pokémon Unite, an all-new gaming genre among a variety of others, developers TiMi Studio Group recently released an in-game survey in the form of an event, offering a small reward for completing the survey, which suggested that PvE features in the game might be a possibility in the future.

The questionnaire consists of a variety of questions about different aspects of the game ranging from players’ favorite Pokémon to suggestions from fans on how to improve the game, giving players the opportunity to voice what they don’t like and what kind of adjustments can be made in the future.

TiMi’s survey targeted an all-round feedback

The questionnaire was designed around issues, problems, and ideas commonly discussed by players around various social media websites which included the monetized aspect of the game, controls and connectivity issues, abilities of various Pokémon, and new features in the game which the developers might be planning to add in the near future. The purpose of the survey was to collect the most frequently selected options and ideas in order to optimize the game according to the preference of fans. 

Among many questions, one question which attracted the attention of the players was what they hoped to see in Pokémon Unite in the future. The questionnaire offered a variety of options from which players were required to select 7 options that they hoped to experience soon.

Pokémon Unite PvE features
Section from the survey on Pokémon Unite

The possibility of a Pokémon Unite PvE mode

The survey suggested that the increasingly popular MOBA is looking to add PvE (Player versus Environment) mode in the near future similar to that of League of Legends, Dota 2, Vainglory, and other popular titles in the genre. In PvE environments, players team up with other players or play solo working against non-player characters/monsters commonly referred to as NPC’s to accomplish tasks.

PvE worlds do not have public or open-world Player versus Player (PvP) combat but may have specific regions or areas where PvP might occur. That means players might get to see a story mode in Pokémon Unite situated in the Pokémon universe where players face monsters and enemies from the franchise itself, fighting AI-controlled opponents of varying difficulties while progressing through the game’s storyline.

The new Pokémon Unite mode: What can players expect

The new mode might potentially have all or most of the regions of the Pokémon universe including the characters, creatures, and various monsters from the iconic series. Though it is not yet official, but the options given in the questionnaire certainly suggested TiMi Studio’s plans somewhere along the line of introducing new modes in Pokémon Unite.

Pokémon Unite PvE features
Section from the survey on Pokémon Unite

Additionally, players might also get to experience a new feature where they will be allowed to customize and raise their favorite Pokémon in real-time as their very own pet. The purpose of this is to make the Pokémon stronger in battle, an idea which is much similar to the concept of Dungeon Hunter 4. Players might even potentially get to see an entirely new lobby that will be based on the popular franchise’s town environment.

Final thoughts

The survey certainly showed TiMi Studio’s concern for their fans, implying that players will be seeing some positive changes in the coming months according to their answers submitted in the questionnaire. The prospect of having the entire or most of the Pokémon universe at your fingertips is exciting, to say the least, with special characters, monsters, and Pokémon. Diversifying the gaming modes is bound to make up for the shortcomings these past few days since its official release on mobile devices, leaving the players hopeful for some exciting new changes in the coming months.

Are you excited about TiMi’s survey and the possibility of PvE features in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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